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Beat the heat

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. What are you folks doing to beat this heat? We cooked out in the boat yesterday, paying for it with a sunburn today. Took a dip in the lake when we were done, water was so warm, even swimming wasn't much fun.

    Weeded the gardens at 7am this morning, was still pretty hot out there.
  2. well, i am currently remodeling the trailer that my future wife and i will be calling home in a few the heat isn't all that much fun...but you know what does work in that place....THE A/C...

    pool is up and running and looks great...but it feels like bathwater...oh well...

  3. For some stupid reason, I'm getting ready to head to Florida to "beat the heat". Something a little wrong upstairs with this boy.:coco:
  4. To beat the heat, we're working outside in it everyday 10 hrs. + a day....... Sounds pretty moronic to me. Hey, the kids gotta eat. By the way, a few ice cold Diet Budweisers make the evenings more enjoyable......
  5. Fort Wayne forecast is calling for a high of 95 tomorrow. This is the actual temperature. And, get this, it's supposed to rain tonight, so it'll be nice and humid to go along with the heat.:bash:
  6. Well on Saturday we sat out and watched girls softball games from 11:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. It was hot but thankfully the humidity wasn't too high. During one of the breaks I took my daughter to get something to eat and the local bank showed 100 deg. at 4:00. We were fortunate to get there early enough to reserve the shade tree for most of the day. It was worth the all day sit...our team won the Class C 10-under state tournament!!!
  7. congrats hugger
    I'm staying my rather large rear end inside in the AC
    until mudhole puts some ice cubes in that pool so i can swim...
  8. Congrats Randall....
  9. Nice job there, Randy!
  10. Basically camping my rear end here.....


    Althought even with the solar cover's still 90 freakin' degrees....basically a giant hot tub. :(
  11. Are those Jarts in that picture? I believe they are! We've been looking all over for some of those things. They were outlawed some time ago because some kid was killed by them. Have you had them a while or did you pick them up at a yard sale???
  12. Yes...those are the impaling originals Randy. Have had them for about 8 years...bought them at an estate sale. They were in pristine condition! I LOVE that game!
  13. Well to beat the heat I decided to work 12 to 16 hours a day and stay inside the factory and enjoy the smell of coolant and oil. HA! HA!
  14. Mike, I think you win the prize for best activity on a hot day. Looks like fun to me.