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Bedding Bluegill

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by Piggyn, May 26, 2005.

  1. What is your favorite method for fishing bluegill when they're on their beds?
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Can't imagine anything more fun than a 4 weight fly rod, with a black ant, wet fly.......

  3. i carolina rig crickets and throw a fly. depends on the wind.
  4. Fly fishing with a small spider or tiny popper or a small beatle spin with my ultra light and 4lb test. You can get a good mix of gills and crappie with the beatle spin.

    My son still likes the ol' bobber split shot and #8 or #10 hook, with wax worm, red worm, cricket... I do to some times...:)
  5. same as Cavacini- light fly rod and a sinking fly, black ant or wooly worm. Lots of fun!! Piggyn you could tie some up yourself! I'd show you. By the way did you get a job yet??
  6. That sounds interesting... So how do you use that set up? Do you sight fish and slowly drag the crickets over the beds, pausing at each bed to see if a fish will pick the cricket up and try to move it away?

    Mark, I PM'd you.
  7. yea you got it right, but you dont need to pause it and wait, just cast it out and reel really slow, they will hit it harder than you thought a blue gill could. i use a 32 oz bullet weight, a small swivel, about a foot and a half to 2' of leader and a small #10 hook. This rig will work all year but it is deadly for sight fishing beds. i started using it this year and fell in love. it is hard to use in the weeds thou the crickets like to pull of kinda easy when they get stuck on the weeds. most of the time i throw a fly, but when that wind picks up the gills wont rise as far up in the water to feed, thats when the carolina rigged cricket comes in.
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  8. I like to use small jigs on Ultra light gear. Bettle Spins, ice jigs, you name it. Mini crank baits are a blast also. Some of the most fun I have had fishing has been fly fishing for Bluegills. It's awesome to see them stalk your fly from underneath and then "wham"!
  9. I fished a private pond this morning, throwing an ice jig tipped with a beemoth (no bobber) on my UL rig. It worked great!