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Bedding Fish

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by 410, May 20, 2006.

  1. :coco: OK gang I thank it is going to stop raining for awhile, so what do you think are the gills and other fish going to start bedding in your area and how do you fish those bedding areas and last but not lease tell us what you use to catch bedding fish.
    I think the gills in our area will start bedding in a day or two if the sun stays out and I catch them with a cane pole, spinning rod and reel (worms, beemoths and crickets and oh yes the flyrod with a blackant and tipped with a spike).
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  2. that all souns like the right thing 410. talked to a guy the other day who say's he's killin them with blackants tipped with a half of a powerbait.

  3. i have never fished a fly rod so i wouldnt know.we fished for about 7 hours yesterday and tore them up.we used a red and blue popeye tipped with wax worm.the bigger ones i caught were on a roadrunner blue and white.was fishing patoka in 4 foot of water 2 foot deep.oh yeah i could throw a cricket out and right beside it popeye they would nail luck with the crickets.
  4. The gills and redears in our area this past weekend were on the beds and then off the beds...they couldn't make up their minds...I got a report late yesterday that on one of our lakes the female redears were finally dropping eggs and the males were fertilizing (I think the dead give away was the males smoking Lucky Strikes afterwards!!!). They will be guarding nests now so we should be able to get some good catches on crickets this week. Air temps are forecasted to reach into the upper 80's by Saturday. Good luck everyone!!!
  5. Thurday May 25th Jim and I caught 55 gills and they still had eggs in them and we had to work hard to catch what we did.
  6. I saw gills back up in the shallows today, first time in over a week.
  7. June 3 and the gills and crappies still have eggs in them. I think they are waiting to the full moon to go to beds. What do you think?
  8. bedding gills

    The gills in my pond are one year old (+or-) and starting bedding recently. They are all about 4" long.

  9. I went out with my father-in-law yesterday and we caught 22 Bluegill / Redears south of Warsaw in a farm pond. Most were keepers, but we put them back to catch another day. He also caught one small mouth (about 8") and I caught one Large Mouth (about 11"). Everything was with a fly rod (man was it windy!).

    There were a few beds made, but nothing was on them...:fish:
  10. Well, Bill, I went out this morning and only got 2 bluegills. All last week I was killin' the fish on the beds, now I'm having trouble finding ANY on the beds. I was catching all males last week, and they were fanning the beds. I think some females have been sporadically moving up to drop eggs, but the males haven't been back up to fertilze. I sure hope they're not done already up here.
  11. James's Lyin.....AGAIN!!!!!!!

    Maybe you caught them all already!!!???:corkysm55
  12. No chance.