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I know what ya mean joebow...geesh some mushroom hunter you are goggleyes...neither of those is what hes talkin about. I refer to the one on the bottom as a "false morel" i believe its called and yes...dont eat those...we found 60 of them up in MI last year..left em all. The other one is just like a toadstool i would call it. The beefsteak has a very short stem and just grows in diameter. The top looks sort of like the "false morel" just wider and not as tall. Rico...puffballs come up in August generally. They are big round balls soem up to 2' in diameter. At our old house we used to have "Hen of the Woods" come up int he summer as well and they were delicious to eat. Im not a huge puffball fan. UPDATE!! 1st black morel that I KNOW OF was found this morning somewhere down south. Here they come boys!!!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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