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    I have run the contest here on IS for a lot of years and had a ball. I have a couple jobs, a new granddaughter and this spring I just can't keep up with everything due to time. I have also honestly had enough of the drama the last few years and this year help me make the choice to step down. It's been a good ride. I have enjoyed more than I have not. I'll have the totals and such by the end and then I will step down. If you are interested in running next years contest PM me. I will screen potential folks for Steve and the site and let him know also. I will also need a Deer Contest director too.
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  2. Thanks for all that you have done Fire! I understand your frustration with the drama. I’m over it myself!
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  3. You da man FireLT you truly are da man. Thank you for running things for us. We appreciate your efforts. I know I have contributed to the drama this year. I'm sorry for my part. I know we have always been friends never any problems so for that I am sorry. I will clean it up though. I saw your new grandaughter and I hope your still planning on making me a pot call. I'd use it every time I go into the woods.
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  4. Thanks for all you have done Eric. Super great guy on here.
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  5. thank you very much for all you have done. It is greatly appreciated, and I get it. Sincerest thanks, again.
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