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Been Hangin out at the Hospital.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by goggleye57, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. My Dad broke his hip a couple of days ago and had surgery. So I have been hanging around the hopital the last few days. He also has debilitating Parkinson's disease - 83 years old. I would appreciate your prayers for him. A great father, In his prime he was a master fisherman, hunter and garderner. At 70 he could walk your butt into the ground. A Pacific theater WW II veteran and a life long high school teacher. Make the most of the time the Good Lord has given you!
  2. Sorry to hear that, I hope he makes a quick and safe recovery.

  3. Your father sounds like an incredible person. To have served in WWII (and the Pacific Theater at that) and taught school and raised a family and fished, gardened and hunted--it's remarkable. I talked to an old fellow the other day and he told me he served in Germany during WWII. Said he lived in a foxhole for TWO YEARS. Said that is what they did--made do with what they had. Said he went without food, sometimes for two or three days at a time. Water, too, was scarce. I don't think most of us have any idea of the kind of suffering and sacrafice our parents and grandparents went through, any more than we have a real idea of what our children and friends are going through right now if they are unfortunate enough to be on the frontlines of military conflict. And when it all settles down, they come home, and through sheer determination they piece a life together. If they are lucky, they make it to a fine old age like 83 and have good children at their sides to help them through the tough times. All of us should be so lucky when our eyes are fading and we aren't moving quickly anymore.
    My prayers are with you both.
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    Prayers are with you both...
  5. I greatly appreciate all your kind words from all of you. He told stories about the supply ship getting sunk and food would run out. They would shoot seagulls on the ocean with a machine gun and cook them in gas cans. He would also snare wild chickens in the jungle. I think we have a hard time imagining what they had to go through.
  6. Keeping you, your dad & Family in our prayers as well.