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Bellars Place...What a JOKE

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. yes it is...But the clip is a first for me...:mad:
  2. It is old, but I was unaware of it until I watched the same video last night.

    Not letting people forget all the BS that happened in that shooting gallery will keep it from repeating.

    Some people may not have been paying attention when that first happened, that was the case with me. Its a good post Brew.
  3. Sorry Brew, I thought everyone had seen it by now.

    In the public eye, it puts all of us hunters (fair chase or the high fence guys) in a bad light. Jimmy took a real beating over this for a long time, rightfully so I might add. He made some lame ass apology on his web site, that was nothing more then a P.R. statement written by his attorneys.

    The thing to remember, and not to debate the high fence thing, but what Bellar did was the exception not the rule. I'm not promoting high fence, at all, just saying he was the bad apple in a business market that was perfectly legal at the time. Notice I said legal, not ethical or right, but legal. I happen to know a high fence operator that is very by the book when following the letter of the law in that business practice. Again, legal not necessarily ethical. Which we all know are two very different concepts based on many other hunting related debates.
  4. I considered bow hunting boar behind fence a couple of years ago. The property was approx. 2,000+ acres in Tennessee. I didn't do it but thought about it very seriously. I have mixed thoughts on some of the hunting behind fence. I wouldn't ever even consider deer hunting, bear hunting, etc., etc., behind a fence. However, when you start seeing 2,000-30,000+ acres behind fence it kind of takes the thought of fence hunting out of it in some respects. That is a lot of land and with some animals I doubt the fence is any kind of barrier as they may never cover that much area in their lifetime.
  5. WOW.....definitatly a eye-opener to a newer hunter.
  6. One of the reasons I don't bash on the high fenced stuff is because I did just what you considered. I shot a hog on a fenced operation. He's on my wall, but not a trophy like other things. I did it, my excuse is that it was virtually "free" for me, but it doesn't make it necessarily right. I'd definitely never pay to do it, that is for sure. It was a little challenging, but simply knowing you were guaranteed to get one, kind of cheapened it more for me. I made the most of it, he ate great and made a cool looking mount. That is about all I can say. I'm not proud of it that is for sure. But we all do things in our younger days that we regret. Unfortunately, it was all that "young" ago. Not that it was in a 2 acre Bellar type pen, it certainly wasn't, but the fence had 4 walls, just like any other fence, so there was no fair chase involved.

    I can rattle off a long list of people here locally that have done the very same thing, but they'll jump on the anti-fence band wagon real fast when around other people. Yet, some of these same people continue year in and year out going to these places for hogs and exotics. Hypocritical, if you ask me.

    Again, legal and ethical are unfortunately too different things.:(

    What Bellar and Jimmy did was both unethical and illegal.
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  7. had heard about but had not seen that video...thanks brew!
  8. Put the little mustache on that guy and he could pass for Hitler. :yikes:
  9. I've heard it but had never seen it. That makes me sick and just makes me more furious at the fact that high fenced hunts are still legal!!!!!!
  10. I just don't get it.......High fences are for P*ss**s........PERIOD!!!!!

    High fences in Texas (10,000 acres) is 1 thing, but 3-6 acres....WOW!
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  11. that makes me wanna go postal on some no good for nothing pieces of sh$$!!!!!!!!!that is sick man.i'll be the first to admit i would love to have a 180 class or better deer on my wall,but if that is how it's done i guess i'll be buried without one
  12. I've seen it before, but I'll comment on it anyway. Good job, Jimmy, you're a TRUE sportsman!