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Best Bets for Ice Out Bucketmouths?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bass Fishing' started by treehugger, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. OK guys, the ice is slowly fading away here in western Indiana. What in your opinion is the best bait(s) to use when going after big ice out largemouth bass in the coldest of waters? I'll probably go with the jig and pig for a while to try and entice those lethargic bucketmouths into biting. My favorite, and most successful, is a 1/4 oz. blue/black jig with a blue/black or blue pork chunk. Make a longer cut in the split tail, all the way to the pork body, to give it a more lively swimming action. Work it very slow this time of year. This bait is a great bait all year long, don't overlook it during the hot summer months fished deep. Some of the biggest bass of the year will be caught in March and April. Good luck out there!!! Let's go fishin'!!!
  2. I'm with you on the jig, but i prefer the jig n worm to the jig n pig. Black and blue jig, black worm. for more mucky water, just a plain ole 7 inch black worm drug on the bottom has been deadly for me.

  3. Three inch yellow grub on a 1/4 ounce lead head. That's all you need.
  4. Whats the best way to work lead head and rubber bodies in the Spring?
  5. I've had success both while bouncing them slowly off of the bottom and swimming them slowly at any depth. Mix up your retrieves. Once you get bit, the rest of the fish will typically respond well to the same type of presentation. I like to focus my efforts in 2 to 12 feet of water, and if I can find some newly growing submergent vegetation, that's a big plus as well. A lot of guys don't even try these little grubs. I will fish these grubs, tube jigs, in-line spinners, and jerk baits in the ice-off stage, and they will all work well. But I would say that 80% of the time I'm throwing that little three inch grub.
  6. my best ice out lure ever is a dark watermelon 3.5 inch nichols tube on a 3/0 EWG hook with a 1/4 ounce bullet weight. lift slowly off the bottom, let it drop back and sit for a couple seconds and repeat. i usually catch my biggest bass of the year in feb/march with this technique. another good one i like is a white/chartruese spinnerbait. i like to burn it just under the surface in muddy water thats only 2-3 feet. i've had 'em blow up on it(in feb.) just like a buzz bait in the summer.
  7. Add an SR5, pigeon may be reading this.
  8. Some slow yamamoto action, or my favorite...... tube jigs w/ a grub enticer threaded over the hook. White 1/4 oz. - 3/8 oz. spinnerbait slow rolled as a back up. Unless I'm at Webster....... suspending thundersticks kicka azz on spring muskies- that's right uh-huh........
  9. Right after ice out. I will throw a black and blue hair jig. As the water warms I switch to a regular 1/4 black and blue rubber jig and a SR5 spring craw color ( this bait is deadly when water is warming up.
  10. They're not working that well for me right now...I can't seem to get them to sink down into the ice hole.
  11. Come on over,, there is no ice on the river,, and lots of smallies that are 11 3/4:coolgleam :coolgleam :coolgleam
  12. Stay In Until The Warmer Air Comes In And Fish The North Banks With A Spinner
  13. got home from work today and my backyard pond was finally ice free. couldn't stand it any longer so i grabbed a pole and a beer and went at it. caught one and went back inside. here's my 2 keepers:[​IMG]
  14. That's a healthy looking fish