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Best Hunting Magazine?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bocephus, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. This year with our tax return we will pay some bills and put the money to good use, we will treat ourselves to a couple things we want also, I was thinking about a lifetime subscription to a hunting magazine.

    What magazine to you guys reccomend?
  2. Gun Dog works for me, I'll send you my address so you can have it forwarded to my house.

  3. I would say Indiana Game and Fish, but Dean writes for that magazine, so you KNOW they don't have any standards.
  4. I like Indiana Game & Fish, North American Whitetail, and Bowhunter, but everyone's tastes are different.
  5. Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

    Just go pick up a copy of it somewhere and read one subscription. You will like it regardless if you are a compound guy or a traditional guy. It is a great look at hunting without all the gadget ads, and articles on the fastest bows on the market. Its right down to hunting. and not just deer either.
  6. Ditto!...and the one's that people pass on to me for FREE!
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  7. good read

    hustler.....sorry wrong thread

    old rookie;)
  8. I currently only have one magazine subscription -- Bowhunter Magazine. I've been a subscriber for many years, and really enjoy the articles their guys write.

    I used to read Whitetail Hunting Strategies (for Brad Herndon's articles), but no one carries it locally anymore. I used to subscribe to it, until they messed my subscription up once and never got it rectified. I never went back. :(
  9. Thumbs up for Indiana Fish and Game. It has everything a well rounded hoosier outdoors PERSON could want. A little of everything.
  10. Magazines!!!

    Hi fellers, You just knew I'd show up on this thread didn't you. Good choice Rookie!!! O.K. O.K. except for a few (maybe just one...) opinionated, arrogant, self righteous, know-it-all, jerk outdoors writer, I'd have to say that North American Whitetail is the best whitetail publication on the planet. The good news is that Gordon doesn't write for the magazine as much as he used to. Gotcha Gordonis...I thank you!!

    The other top choices go to...

    1) Indiana Game and Fish...The guy who writes the deer articles on there is impressive. He really seems to know his stuff!!!:coolgleam But he can't spell very well and his grammar is rough. Thanks Editors!!!

    2) Walleye Insider...Love those 'Eyes.

    3) Outdoor Life...Always been good!!!

    4) Whitetail Strategies...Expensive but informative.

    5) Deer and Deer Hunting. A perennial favorite.

    6) RACK magazine. No, not the kind that rookie suggested.

    7) Bowhunter, Vertical Bows only please!!

    And, several others...
  11. What?:yikes: Not one mention of Great Lakes angler???
    My son and I made it in the 09-03 for a father-n-son catch!:fish: :fish: :fish:

    Okay, so it's not a hunting rag, but it trips my trigger!
  12. Best hunting mag

    For my money "Turkey Call". I know this is a whitetail thread, but the magazine is a good one.