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Best Tips for Following Blood trails

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by goggleye57, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Lot of you guys have a wealth of experience in trailing wounded deer,(hopefully most of you have less and less need to trail wounded deer)

    I'd start with using markers to keep track of the blood trail you have already found. tie strings or paper or something that shows up every once in a while while you look for a blood trail. Makes it easy to take up the trail again if I get off track and helps give a direction easily seen on where they might be headed

    What's your best methods?
  2. GPS seems to help with marking tendencies in the trail. And don't forget to look far ahead. Many times, the tracking time can be shortened if you keep your head up half of the time. I like to look about twenty yards in front of me for blood first, and then check in front of me.

  3. When in Doubt Use Toilet Paper!

    We always track with a line of people perpendicular to the blood trail and use lanterns instead of flashlights so we can see more. We also use toilet paper to mark the trail.
  4. Never tried it yet, but one of my son-in-laws said he uses glow sticks if tracking at night. Hangs them on a tree limbs. Helps to give you a sense of the direction the deer is going and also helps to lead you back out.
  5. also a blue lens flashlight works well for night time tracking, makes the blood a lot easier to see than with a regular flashlight
  6. Important tips are try to not walk in the blood trail but off to one side. If tracking with another person(s) have one of them stay back at the last sign so you don't lose that spot. If you have to call it a night and pick up the trail the next morning mark the last spot very well so you know where to pick up the trail, lay something distinguishable there and mark a nearby tree with a flag or tie a white rope around it so you can find it easily. If tracking at night have a good bright light(s) available. I recommend mutiple lights and you use one at a time and the others for backups. The last tracking job I did really drained the Q-Beam lights. If you give up the search for another day and have time log onto Google Earth and map out where you have already tracked and to see what kind of terrain may lie ahead to possibly help you pinpoint your deer.
  7. All very good suggestions

    I did the GPS on the last one I tracked,he went in circles in a quarry and I still never found him. He must have lived.

    I used an arrow to stuck in the ground at the biggest his blood spot till I found another for visual reference.Didnt have anything else with me.

    It was raining the blood faded fast but I tracked him over 200 yds before I lost the trail completely

    I stuck two bucks this year and came home empty handed....

    Where my .50 CVA Optima Magnum......:)
  8. Also you'd check the hair that flew off to get an idea of the area the bullet struck, Blood is another good indicator- bright red and frothy -lung,Darker-liver or other abdominal areas, does the dark blood smell like stomach? Is there corn or other food in the blood. You might want to let that deer die for a while before you push it further away.