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Best way to prepare Venison!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Dean Weimer, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. O.K. Let's hear your favorite ways to enjoy venison. I learned a new one in Iowa this past Nov. At first I thought this guy was a dumb&^% for cooking backstrap this way.

    Take the strap and cut it into approx. 3/4 to 1 inch round cutlets. Mix Italian (I thought you'd like this part Cary) bread crumbs and Lemon Pepper seasoning. Take straps and coat with breading and then deep fry until just medium. When I first walked up to Sam's cabin and heard the guy tell me it was deep fried backstrap I nearly wanted to throw this guy in the Skunk River, but then I took a bite of it. I've gotta tell you that it was out of this world!!!! Who would have ever thought it??? Some of the guys from Minnesota said that they've also used Cajun Shore Lunch with good results too. Try it, yuo'll probably be surprised!!
  2. Sauteed in garlic butter or olive oil to medium rare. :corkysm55

  3. A roast in the crockpot, slow cooked with onions, garlic, potatos, carrots, and some golden mushroom soup.
  4. Knock off his horns, wipe his ass and chunk it down on a plate...RARE
  5. Venison Burgers....slow smoked on the charcoal grill. My Dad built the grill about 30 years ago out of heavy walled natural gas pipeline pipe he got when he worked for a major pipeline company. Anyway it's got the draft door and smoke stack on it. Get the coals to a cherry red glow, sprinkle pre-soaked hickory chips on the coals and bank the coals to one side of the grill...put the burgers on the grating on the other side of the grill. Let the heat and hickory smoke do their magic. I use wildgame seasoning, salt, pepper, dried onion bits, bbq sprinkle seasoning, some times bacon bits. I occassionally move the burgers over the hot coals during the process to get them heated up real good and seared. Right before they are totally done I brush on BBQ sauce...usually Sweet Baby Ray's. Let the sauce seal in the juices on one side and then turn over and do the same on the other side. Is your mouth watering yet??? :corkysm55
  6. venison

    take worst cuts, cut into 1' chunks, mix one 2 liter bottle of Coke with one bottle terryaki, pour over meat and ice to cover. Let set over night and then roll in favorite batter and deep fry at 350 for 4 minutes.........

    This is the hit of State Fair wild game cook out each year
  7. I normally fry my backstraps as well. I dont do anything special, usually just tenderize em and then coat them in a mix of Lowrys seasoned salt and some fryin magic. I like to eat them on a bun as a sandwich. I like to keep it simple, when i start experimenting i sometimes end up with bad results.

    My wife fried up some venison burgers for supper tonight, added a little cheese and bacon and i must say it was pretty tasty, she did a good job.
  8. Take a backstrap and cut every piece of white fat off. Marinate overnight in olive oil, vinegar, and some of your favorite seasonings. Wrap entire backstrap with thick sliced peppered bacon and use toothpicks to secure the bacon. Cook on smoker or grill if in a hurry over slow to med heat until slightly pink. Slice and serve!!
  9. One way that I fix my deer is marinate the meat in Italian dressing for 24-48 hours. This can be the tenderloin, backstraps, heck - any deboned meat. After marinating, I fix it a couple of different ways. I will either grill the entire tenderloin, backstrap and have several large steaks or I will cut the loin, backstrapcut into little strips, put a jalapeno pepper in the middle of the strip, roll the strip, wrap with bacon (remember to pin the bacon and strip of deer with a toothpick) and grill to perfection. I cook my meat until there is just a little pink or all the way through, but that is how I like it.
  10. Put some loins in some Hawaiian Marinade for one hour. Put on med heat, add a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your skillet and add the loins and the rest of marinade, WOW the loins will melt in your mouth
  11. GOOD LORD !!

    you all are making me hungry. i'm going to try some of those recepies
  12. Get the skillet hot, add a little olive oil.

    Sprinkle both sides of the backstrap with fresh ground pepper, not that pre-ground stuff you can buy.

    Fry them in the skillet for no more than 90 seconds per side. If the plate isn't covered in red juice when you are done, it was cooked too long.
  13. Take the tenderloins out and put them in a ziploc baggy as soon as you gut the deer. Get them back clean em up a bit and start a fire. Get a good bed of coals for cooking. Wrap the tenderloins in bacon and then add your favorite seasoning if you choose. Put them in aluminum foil and bury them in the coals. Let em cook to your liking and unwrap. If you want add a few potatos in foil to the coals about 15 minutes before you throw the tenderloins in there. Good stuff to eat after a day in the woods and a fall evening around the campfire.
    I also like the plain old grilled back strap. Just cut those babies so they look like cubes and grill them for about 2-3 minutes a side leaving some pink in the middle. No need for A-1 enjoy it plain.
  14. Whole venison loin, injected with a special blend of dried peppers (ground in a coffee grinder for fine texture), and teriyaki sauce (honey and teriyaki). Cooked on charcoal grill at 275 degrees for three hours. Temperature is very important. Last hour slice a whole onion, and a lemon. Place aluminumfoil on grill, put loin on foil- add slices (onion and lemon with a dash of basil) then wrap foil around this conglomoration and reduce heat to 200 for 45 minutes. Go get a case of of your favorite refreshment (BUD LIGHT) and enjoy! Works great if you toss some potatoes on the grill for the last hour to make a meal out of it!
  15. orange juice?

    i bone out my deer meat and then run through a cuber that i purchased. marinade in orange juive for 4-6 hours roll in flour and seasoned salt and pan fry it quickly.

    its the best along with the bacon wrapped b-q backstraps smokin!!!