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Between daylight and 9:00 A.M.

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by A.Denney, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. What is the best way to figure out the times the deer will move? One morning I will see deer just right after daylight. The next I dont see any until around 9:00 to 9:30.Nothing in between. It doesnt matter which stand I hunt still the same.Is there a reason I dont know or just dumb luck.
  2. FROST. I have noticed if there is a heavy frost you might as well stay in bed. Movement doesn't happen until the frost starts to melt away.

  3. You hit it on head Main Beam, Frost just sleeep in for a while
  4. Yeah like this morning..... Some of us just can't say no to a tree stand:biggrin: !
  5. I love hunting with a heavy frost...The sound of deer coming through the woods from a long way off really gets the buck fever rolling.
    As far as the origonal question... Tons of variables. Just get in the stand when you can and good things will happen. My experience has been, the earlier in ths season, the more likely I am to see deer early in the morning. Pay attention to the bright is the night ...where are you in relation to bedding and feeding areas. As a rule, closer to a nighttime feeding area will put them past you earlier on their way back to the browsing/bedding areas. A good late morning or midday location is a food source near a bedding area or thicket where the deer feel safe getting up and browsing. If nothing else, listen to the farmer/landowner, the third time the farmer tells you the deer cross in his front yard at 5:00 everyday...take a long nap and sit on his front porch at 4:45...always works for me.
    Read what you can... remember and learn from what you observe in your area and listen to the guys in this forum and you be fine.
  6. Weather calls the shots on deer movement most of the time. The moon plays a big part also. A quick reference is moon overhead in late afternoo/evening, hunt near food source and expect good afternoon hunting.
    The moon overhead in the morning, hunt travel area's in timber and expect good morning hunting. All other times hunt as close to bedding area's as possible. Nothing will teach a hunter more than time spent in the woods. Heavy frost will likely spoil a hunt, add snow and your good to go.
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  7. I downloaded a program called weather and wildlife. Cost me $20 for lifetime use on 1 computer. Has all moon phases and best time or mostly likely time to see deer moving for any given day. this is the first year I have used it as a tool and there are days when it seems it is right on the money - as in jaw dropping right on the money. Just a tool in the chest. it has shown for Oct, Nov, and December the best days to hunt have been Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Go figure. One last note. Heavy frost this past Sat in Paoli and had movement early, shortly after daylight for an hour. Can't get em from the living room or the bedroom
  8. Great advice 1 shot, I have something similar. Cost of the program $20.00, seeing more deer......PRICELESS!
  9. As mentioned, you can't shoot them in your living room. The big doe i harvested a few weeks ago was shot on a day I was convinced I was wasting my time. It was very windy out, maybe 20-30 MPH with gusts. All of my experience has taught me that deer don't like wind and are likely to head for the thickest cover they can find and bed down when it's really blowing. I had been sitting in my stand for three hours and had not seen a thing moving. I had pretty much convinced myself I was wasting my time when four does came out of the treeline and walked out into my Rye plot and started feeding. So much for that theory! The bottom line is tha the more time you spend out in the woods the better your chances are of connecting.
  10. can you post that site ?
  11. Too windy, too cold to hunt the morning, etc. All reasons not to go hunting. You either love it and go when you can or sit around and make excuses for not going. Mediocre hunters that hunt all the time kill more nice bucks than "experienced" hunters that only go when conditions are perfect. No excuses, you can't kill one from the couch.

    p.s. Can anyone tell I need to go hunting?
  12. hunt when you can hunt and stay as long as you can...if it is too cold for you to set more than a couple of hours early in the morning when real cold, then go around 9 or 10 and set through the son just started this year and rather then drag him out early...i waited and took him mid-day when he could set longer and enjoy it more...he connected on a nice doe and now i have a hunting partner for life!!!!
  13. I agree.
  14. Just like taking kids better give them some action and make it fun or they lose interest and it's hard to get them back into it.
    Congrats on the deer and the new hunting partner! I look forward to doing the same with my two youngest ones in the next couple of years.
  15. Seems like to me, atleast in my woods I will a few deer right around 8:00 and then nothing generally till 9:30, then I get alot of movement till around 11:00. With the second rut going on right now it might be wise to set all day if you havent scored with your buck yet.