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Big boy??

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Noblebowhunter, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. I was out in a small woods (3 acres) very near my house over the weekend taking down one of my stands. I know what your sayin.... (hunting in 3 acres!!!??) :) The year before last this woods was covered by corn except for the 4 acre hay field to its east side. In this field almost every night during sept. we videoed numerous shooter bucks including a good 170" with a 8-10" drop. some of you have seen the video. I am now able to hunt this property due to it changing owners... ANYWAYS... the place is tore up .. but all the rubs run from 3' off the ground to 6' .....??!! He has been in there within the last month and has absolutely shredded tree limbs that branch out a good 6' off the ground. I have never seen any rubs like this before .. is this a sure sign of him still alive or could it just be a normal size buck? BTW... all corn around it again this upcomin year!!! Needless to say i got high hopes

  2. One of my favorite tips for those starting out..................

    ................"Big Bucks in Small Places".

    And you can bank on that!!!
  3. Maybe someone went in there with a wood rasp.....:corkysm55
  4. I'd keep an eye out for a smallish elk...:evil:
  5. The biggest buck I was on this year, a 150's 10 pointer, was living in a 4 acre swamp behind my house. Small wood lots that no one thinks of hunting will hold big deer. I agree with Dew, take it to the bank.:coolgleam

    You really have to hunt those small spots smart though. Watch how you time going in and out, watch the wind, etc.
  6. Those small woodlots are next to impossible to hunt. That is why they usually hold a mature buck, because he knows he is safe there.
  7. That makes 2 of us with stories from this year then DEC............I had an encounter with a 150 and a 170+ class buck in the same 4 acre finger of trees that ran out into a cornfield. The 150 class buck was my 1st evening hunt in the stand......very next morning hunt in the exact same comes Mr. 170+ only to be run off by the farmer taking his corn that morning around that 4 acre finger. I was heart-broken to the soul..............and once that "cover of corn" was down............they were never to be seen again in that location.

    Big Bucks in Small Places................Matched with standing corn..............I just friggin' lose sleep at night dreaming of those set-ups.
  8. Of our 16 acres, only about 8 is still in woods, and there was one 150+ buck, and at least one, maybe two that would go P&Y...

    Luckily things are setup that the lot isn't unhuntable...

    Come on Oct. 1...
  9. Stay out of there as much as possible and when you do go in... make sure the wind is right and you are scent free.....I got two words for you come 1st of September. TRAIL CAM! Then you can see exactly whats going on.
  10. Dew, I've got a 150's 10 and a 140's 8 living in that swamp and the surrounding very small wood lots.

    That 10 and I went round and round for a week before the gun opener. I had him at full draw one night at 35 yards, he stopped dead facing me and I held and held. When he turned sideways, I did everything but YELL "hey buddy" to stop him. He decided he was going down the tree line to kick that little forkie's azz that had just walked by me at 5 yards 10 minutes before. So it goes.

    But, yes, big bucks live in small places. And IMO, they are not "impossible" to hunt. Difficult ... yes ... but not impossible.
  11. Had a couple of my best seasons in a woods like that. Wish it was still there.
  12. "When" you hunt small wood lots is just as important as "how" you hunt them. A lot of that has to do with sign and when the big dog is there and when he isn't. I used to hunt them around where I live. I stick with the bigger woods and river bottoms in Southern IN, now. One of those small woodlots did produce a 170" 8pt. for a friend of mine near Acton, then every schmo thought it was a cake walk and invaded these areas, funny, watch them go in one side of the lot and watch the deer run out the other.
  13. Noble, Hang your stand in there now, and wait to hunt it at the right time. If you go in too soon, you'll blow him out of there faster than you were running to pick up that shed on the road. I'm bettin' that lot holds a doe family unit...factor this into your plan. If not, there are undoubtedly does that live nearby. If this small slice of heaven is situated between two larger lots, you're looking at a prime funnel. Hunt it smart.
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  14. I agree, hang your stand now. Certainly don't wait until August or September. Make sure you have shooting lanes and a good game plan for the spot. Look it over from many angles and think about all the "what ifs". Figure it all out right now and then stay out until you hunt him. Remember, 9 times out of 10, the first time you hunt a particular deer, it will be the best time, so you want to do it right. Most of the time, you only get one opportunity at him.