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Big Bucks Hang Together

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by treehugger, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. The following pictures are racks from 3 big bucks taken in the same general area. Rack 1 & Rack 2 were taken in the same field approximately 300 yards apart on different days. Rack 3 was found recently on a dead buck. Notice the similarities between Racks 1 & 2. See the right side G3 on Rack 1 and the right side G2 on Rack 2. Also notice the swooping curves of the main beams on Rack 1 & Rack 2. I believe they come from the same genetics.

    Rack 1 - 11 point buck taken on opening day of 2005 firearms season - evening hunt.


    Rack 2 - 12 point buck taken day before Thanksgiving 2005 during firearms season.


    Rack 3 - 11 point buck found dead recently on adjacent land.


    Rack 1 - 11 pointer side view.


    Rack 2 - 12 pointer side view.


    Rack 3 - 11 pointer side view.


    Dual 11 pointers - Rack 1 & Rack 3

  2. Let 'em go ......

    Those are all dinks!!!!

  3. Dead Head!

    Rack and Skull of Whitetail Buck found in spring 2005 by Dean Weimer while 'shroomin'.

  4. Big DeKalb county Buck

    I found this giant last May while mushroom hunting. It is a buck that my brother, Dan, and I had been hunting for a couple years. This rack scores a bout 185 as a N.T., and/or about 162 as a Typical. The 5x5 typical frame grosses 179 and would net 173.
  5. Dean, is that you in the picture?
  6. Bald is beautiful!!!!

    Yeah, why, you wanna make something of it Bo. Wanna wrastle??
  7. darn dean what a treasure of a find. awsome!!!!!!
  8. i'll take one of those dinks anytime
  9. Tree nice horns and yes you can see how each one is alike. OH yes Dean that a great set of horns to, PLEASE SHAVE
  10. Don't let him fool ya, that guy is way too good looking to be Weimer. Weimer looks more like those little yappy rat terrier dogs than a bull dog like this guy!
  11. Nah, I dont wanna wrestle.... I just thought you were that guy that was hunting bigfoot on Harry and the Hendersons.
  12. Now, Scooter!!!!!

    :chicken: !!!!!!!

    OH No, a talking Gecko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evil:
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  13. All racks scored by HRBP