Big bucks still together as of Oct. 19th.....

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  1. My buddy and I went shining last night and saw two different groups (2 in each "group") of mature bucks still together. Perhaps it was the dominant buck and his "toadie". This indicates that the rut is still a ways off yet, which we already know. I still thought it was significant to see them together and tolerating each other's presence. One of the bucks was a real bruiser. He had a huge body ( I mean HUGE) and a 19-20" inside spread. Pretty cool sight.

    Anyone still seeing big bucks together??????? Within mere days these bucks will not tolerate each others presence any longer. The testosterone will destroy even the closest of alliances as the Primary Breeding Phase draws nearer. I've always known that around the 21st of October, that any and all bachelor groups had completely broken up as different members of the summer groups move to their own breeding areas.

    What we need now is for the farmers to get the corn out, and for Momma Nature to send us some very cool/cold's only a matter of time now. Prime time is a coming boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Last Sunday morning while on stand I saw a mature buck flying solo. No other bucks in the area. Finding a lot scrape activity in my hunting area. I'll be out there tomorrow afternoon/evening to see what shows up for a visit.

  3. I went out yesterday afternoon for one last scouting trip before i take to the woods next week for the first time this season. The entire woods was tore up with rubs. Found one very impressive rub on a big pine tree that was just shredded and the bark laying everywhere on the ground. Also found 6 small scrapes. Corn is still on out there but the beans have come down and i look for the farmer to wipe the corn out this weekend.
  4. The bubble is about to burst. I am not going to be hunting at all the next 4 days as I make one last sweep of my areas for optimal stand placement. I did have a close encounter with a good one a few nights about ended. I was sick I didn't get the shot as he was just a mere 23 yards from me...........but the good news is.............

    .................He's still out there

    .................and I can still hunt.:coolgleam

    From what I can see.........we are about to have a banner year for hunting Deer in Indiana.:coolgleam
  5. I'm still seeing a ton of does, the only bucks I've seen have been by alone. Just chance I believe, has no connection to pre-rut activitiy.
  7. The groups in my area are starting to break up. Saw a nice 8 pt. this morning that made three scrapes...and it was in earnest too, he wasn't just nonchalantly pawing at the ground.
  8. Bet that gets your heart rate pumping!

    I sat out until after dark last night, never saw a single deer...hoping tonight goes better. It looks like the rain may hold off enough to get out tonight, yesterday I wasn't so sure about hunting this evening.

    Get that deer, James !!
  9. Went out this morning and had a small 6 pointer bed down about 10 yards from me. I turned and looked and saw another small 6 coming towards me. He circled and went right for the bedded buck. They squared off, ears laid back, and then CLASH. They fought pretty good for a couple small guys.

    Worth the price of admission to watch those little guys go at it. All at about 15 yards from me. They thought they were a couple studs.:coolgleam
  10. I had him, Quail...he was "nice," but he wasn't what I was looking for.
  11. I know that feeling :banghead3 get his Brother !!!!
  14. still together

    Had a chip shot on an 8pt. piggy this morning (2.5yr old 115") at 9:15am. He didn't rub or scrape the entire time I watched him. Then had a 1.5yr old 6pt. come in and tear up a sappling. My buddy almost had a shot on a nice big 10pt. (3.5yr old +or-130") Friday evening that was with 3 other smaller bucks. They are still together for the time being. Still waiting for some corn to come out. Only finding a few sporadic scrapes and rubs, so far. Hard to nail down where these bachelor groups are going to be at any given time. Tough hunting, but pleased with this mornings hunt on a ridge top 2-track that usually gets scraped up pretty good. That 8pt. needs a couple years.
  15. I put my brother in my # 1 stand tonight on a bean field. He put out the buck decoy to try to stir up a little action. Just before 7:00 a 4 pointer emerged all bristled up stomping stiff legged towards the decoy. This went on for a good 20 minutes. He said it was funny to watch the little guy trying to strut his stuff against the decoy. The decoy had a bigger rack than he did. That was the only buck he saw and I only saw 1 doe tonight. She walked by while I was preparing to climb up the ladder. She didn't even know I was around as the wind was in my face and she was in front of me.