Big day ahead this Friday

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  1. This Friday Tcope and I as well as a couple other buddies are all heading to Lake Erie to try to tackle some walleye. Hopefully the weather stays nice for us and we come home with a truck load of fish. Anyone been out on Erie with a charter fishing company? Its gonna be my first guided fishing trip out there.
  2. I have,we ended up trying for perch cause the eyes were not hitting. Is kind of nice cause they have a lot of spots marked on the gps. Take a gps and mark the spots for your future though

  3. Been many one is scheduled for June 24th and 25th. Truckload? I kind of doubt that with the current limits but hopefully you'll get some respectable fillets to take home.



  4. Are you guys gonna be trolling or drifting Tiny?
  5. Been out with two different charters tiny. The first time ever on eerie four of us were limited out by noon. But then that fella past on. The last two times out I spent one day fishing for perch and another bouncing soft craws for bass. Even if the eyes aren't biting you can leave with ALOT of food. I agree with the commando, take your gps and mark the spots the fish are hittin for future reference. Oh ya...take sunscreen...lots of it.
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  6. I tell you what, I'd be one pizzed off charter captain if guys marked my spots with their GPS while catching fish in the spot I found while in MY boat. Sure, you paid for the trip, but why mark the honey hole? I guess I just don't get it.
  7. The first and last time I went, we got skunked...overcast, misty, cold, waves...I do not know that I would be first in line to go again if it were to ever repeat that again!
  8. Last time I was there we had 5-7 other charters on within shouting distance at all times so it's not as though his spots were secret. Our Cap also had pre-made maps for sale with his spots marked on em. He said he didn't see a difference between that and taking one of your buddies to your hot spot.
    I hadn't thought about caps getting fussy james. I guess it'd be pretty decent to ask before marking but if the the cap doesn't care, why wouldn't you?
  9. I'm pretty sure we will be doing both drifting and trolling. A buddy that is going has been going in years past so he got us in with this charter. He hasn't had a time when they didn't limit on walleyes and switched to perch to keep on fishing.
  10. I have to go with JL on this one. Those spots are how the Captains make their living out there. Its probably best to check with them first.
  11. Surely I meant to mark the spots if the captain said it was ok.The last one I was on not only did he say it was ok but invited me to go out with him on his own boat for the hogs someday. What really bites was I lost the guys number.
  12. They're still biting good. We were out there last Thursday, and the weather was TERRIBLE. Driving Northwest wind that switched to the East at noon. So 4'+ swells, spitting rain, high 40's....just nasty. Our first captain blew an engine 8 miles out (fishing at 10 miles...doh) so we had to turn around and limp all the way back in. Luckily we got on board with another captain and didn't get fishing until almost 11:30. Our first drift we caught 7, and I believe that was about it for the morning bite. All our other fish were hard fought for, but we caught a few here/there until we had to head in to get back home.

    Our other boat limited out by noon, but they actually got on the water first thing in the morning.

    Still had a great time though and have plenty of fillets in the freezer for the summer!
  13. Tiny, stop in to Gander Mountain and we'll show you some stuff. I've got all kinds of terminal tackle to make homemade Weapons as well. Pete makes his own custom spinner blades, snells, etc too that are awesome. The Perch and Goby blades work real well.

    As far as the GPS stuff goes, you can mark fish on a spot on Erie and that same pod could be a few miles away from that spot the next day. Marking waypoints on Lake Erie is a good idea, even if it only gives you references for spots to start fishing. But those fish are nomadic as hell on that lake. Right now, if you can find emerald shiners, you'll find buttloads of hungry 'eyes. To give you an idea of how much 'eyes travel on Erie...studies have shown that a tremendous amount of the Maumee River running spawners come all the way from Lake St. Claire. Also, Western Basin fish have been tagged and found all the way on parts of the other Great Lakes. ERie is a huge lake...and there are literally thousands upon thousands of 'eyes to go around.

    Hey James, does this mean I should be mad at you for marking my hunting spot with waypoints last year when we met all the boys for dinner near Webster?:bash:
  14. Only if hunting were your livlihood...and we all know that it isn't, or else you'd starve to death...:hide:
  15. I will never starve to death. Because ..............."I can skin a buck and I can run a trot line......a country boy can surviiiiiiive".