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Big Foot Decoys

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by shootsa410, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. I know this is a bit early to post but I am most likely going to sell ALL my Big Foot goose decoys (8 dozen) at seasons end and buy all new. So if any of you guys are looking to buy some let me know and I'll be able to save you some money.

  2. I too am interested. Send me a PM whenever you want.
  3. PM responses sent.

    Thanks Art
  4. Sorry to all that I responed to for my error. These are "NOT" floaters, they are both full body field original and feeders.
  5. I am interested as well send me a pm and we can roll from there
  6. You still got any of those birds, I think you tried to send me a PM but I screwed it up. Send me one agian if you would
  7. Doc...don't know what I've sent because they've been deleted. I still have all the decoys and ain't selling until our season ends, 28 Jan.
  8. this might be a bidding war but!!!!

    post a price and see if i can play send pm:)
  9. Now for sale $250 per dozen.
  10. Well since nobody is interested in buying my decoys I've decided to go ahead and keep them and buy flocked heads for them. I already have two dozen flocked motion heads so purchasing six dozen flocked replacement heads will be allot cheaper. Do I need them to fool birds? Probably not but I like the looks of them.
  11. I wasn't big on the flocked heads at first, but honestly after buying a few B.F. with flocked heads and buying some GHG's, the flocking looks awesome. Remember it is not about impressing the birds. It is about impressing yourself when you look back at the spread.:biggrin:

    If you still want to sell those decoys, try the refuge forums or avery forums. At either one, decoys sell and sell fast. Typically for the price you are looking for too.
  12. I am interested in 6, you wanna sell em