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Big Gills vs Small Gills

Discussion in 'Indiana Pan Fishing' started by treehugger, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. I have a question for discussion...We were fishing for gills Saturday, sat in one spot for 4 1/2 hours and caught 13 fish (not a good fish/hour ratio but one of those days, especially for me since I only caught 3 of them!)...All the fish were good size with a few weighing 10 question is this...Why do you think all the fish were close to the same size? We caught no "bait stealers". It was all the same size or nothing. Were the bigger gills chasing off the smaller fish? We were fishing bedding flats and major drops off the flats...Has anyone else ever experienced fishing like this and what do you think the reason is?
  2. That is a good question. And I dont have an answer for you. Other than that is the way it is sometimes. Were you at a public lake? It seems to me that while fishing at a public lake the quality of fish seems to be better. I have had days up here where it seems that I get into that one hole and everything I catch is nice. And then somedays(more often than not) I catch myself sorting fish. Nice topic for a debate!!!!!!:grouphug:

  3. How many fish per year should you take out of your pond to get those hand sized slabs a few years down the road. I think the pond i fish in might be a bit over loaded with the gill population. Should i just start filleting all of them I catch here on out for the rest of summer or still try to be selective. It seems like every gill i catch is about the same size. Let me know what you think.
  4. I was fishing at a private club lake. Seems to me as the summer goes on and the temps heat up the bait stealers are everywhere and you can't keep them off the hook long enough to catch the better fish. In my opinion, that is when you should start removing some of them from the lakes.
  5. mabe certain age groups of fish hang together to protect the source of the feed. mabe since the females have moved off the nest the males are still protecting the nest chasing off the smaller fish.
  6. I would assume that part of the reason you caught larger fish was because you were targeting breeding fish. I would assume the fish you caught were one of these: 1) males that were fanning beds 2) females dropping eggs or 3) males fertilizing eggs and guarding the beds. I am not sure the age/size a bluegill needs to be to begin the reproductive cycle, but I'm sure the little bait stealers aren't in this group.
  7. Now here at my private spot it is the opposite. But I am fishing for crappie. This time of year I mainly catch small ones. I really have to work for the biggies. But when it heats up, the middle of July, the big ones are in abudance. And it seems that it doesnt matter through the ice. I just dont know!!!!:confused:
  8. bait stealers

    I was in the same general area as Tree, although on a different lake and all we were catching were bait stealers. We fished near the banks and flats then hit the drop offs. Never caught a keeper. I would be interested in knowing if those you caught were with the crickets vs redworm. All we used were worms. Did get 3 small large mouths with soft jig.

  9. Yes JL, we were targeting breeding fish or at least the breeding area in hopes they would be there. We caught a mixture of males/females and 2 nice redears. The females were still loaded with eggs. That makes sense that the "bait stealers" would not be part of this group of fish at that time. Also, the bite was very slow that day which could have been another reason we didn't see any of the small ones as any fish was hard to come by.
  10. 12 fish were caught on crickets and 1 caught on a redworm and it was a big redear. We were at least 40 yards off shore anchored between 2 bedding flat produced fish and one did not. The wind was constant out of the the north all morning.
  11. they are smart

    I think big blue gill that get some pressure will bump a bait, etc. They become educated like a big bass, even a live bait might get shunned if the big gill has seen, smelled the hook. I watched a 1lb gill stare down my live bait before and not bite.

  12. Once have taken a perfectly good thread and trashed it in only a way that you can. :bash:
  13. What do you mean, Randy. I've done nothing friend!!!! Remember, I'm on YOUR side pal. I want only the best for you and "The Boss".
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    Not sure, but I must have missed something. By the way Randy, kind of tying into another thread with the gill question, solunar tables showed best time for saturday would have been 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Dang missed again:banghead3