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big oaks

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by buckmaster, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Does anyone hunt at big oaks the former Jeferson Proving Grounds? I hunted there two diffrent times this year never saw anything from the stand. i use to see huge deer all the tome on there.
  2. Yes ..I hunted there this year shot a Deer and never Found It.My brother shot a Doe there, also we seen aleast 10 deer in are area...Had a hell of a Time....Hay "Buckmaster" how about you come Hunting with me and my Brother this Year...Rabbits maybe or even Deer!!! Here's your Public invite...I come to Jennings County all the Time...I was your age once...30years ago...;) :grouphug:
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  3. Now that's what this site is all about...:grouphug: ;) :bowdown:
  4. i've turkey hunted there a couple of times,never deer hunted it though,seen alot of deer,while i was hunting in area 63, or 61 i can't remeber it's been a couple of year.good luck
  5. I counted over 90 deer on the perimeter road from Madison to the north boundry on the evening after the bow hunt at clifty falls. Their in there later in the season the tend to herd up.
  6. A friend of mine, Tim Tucker, shot a nice typical 10 pt there on opening day of shotgun season. I'm pretty sure he was at Big Oaks. While dressing his 10 point he had a big 8 point come on him that would have scored higher than the 10. It spooked off before he could get a shot. I believe it scores around 150. If I ever figure out how I will post a picture.
  7. I would love to see the pics. Confused though about how he could get a shot on the 8 after having another buck down already. OBR?
  8. I believe, only from what he told me, that you could shoot two bucks in that hunt. I think it was a drawn hunt, he also said it did not count against his regular hunting tags. I think he can still shoot a buck with reg. tag???
    I will try to get a pic posted.
  9. Thanks springbrook, not trying to draw controversy, just curious. I have never been involved in drawn hunts and unsure how they work. I couldn't afford two mounts a year anyway.
  10. I have never hunted one myself and don't know much about them. Just going on what he was telling me???
  11. seabee

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    Yes on the big oaks hunt as long as you buy a "refuge" tag shooting a buck does not count against your obr. You are welcome to use your "firearms" license but if you do that you are done shooting a buck on normal state and private properties. I know you are aloted 2 bucks on big oaks for the year but i think one was archery and one was for firearms, But then there was some crazy thing that if you shoot 2 antlerless with archery you could get a "bonus" either sex tag that would allow you to carry it over till firearms, maybe thats how you would be able to take 2 bucks in there,its a fun place to hunt and does hold some nice deer, I told a guy i was going there and he actually said " i dont see the point in hunting deer behind a fence" i looked at him and said "you obviously dont have the concept of how large 50,000 acres is" that was at gander mountain! Put in for teh draw its a shot at an extra buck...lots of does on that place!
  12. I got drawn for a gun hunt there on November 5th. I shot this nice little 8 point on that hunt. As far as the rules go, if you shot an antlerless deer, then you get another buck up to a maximum of 2 bucks during any one season.

    Here is the picture.

  13. Nice dark rack. Pretty deer.
  14. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I was there on the 5th as well, nice job