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Big Parke county 8 pt.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by dleslie217, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I've posted a picture of a big Parke County 8 pt. that was taken by a fellow by the name of Jack Fagg. He was well know outdoorsman in the Terre Haute area. Thought you all might like to see it. The picture is in the photo gallery under the title of Parke County 8 pt. It scored 162 2/8 and is one of the most beautiful bucks I've ever seen. The symetry of the rack is almost perfect. This buck was taken pre OBR, which to me makes it even more impressive. I finally figured out how to post in the photo gallery but still haven't figured out how to post on a thread. If anyone can do that for me I would appreciate it. Dean.... this is the one you researched for me last year..thanks again.
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  2. Thanks, Googleye. I'm still working on figuring out how to do that.:banghead3 :banghead3
  3. I am glad you decided to title your post "Big Parke County 8 Pointer" instead of the "Big Fagg Buck". I would probably not have looked at it in that case!
  4. how do you post a picture in the photo gallery? i created a photobucket account, but can't figure out where to paste the IMG address to upload the photo into the gallery. thanks
  5. Nice looking buck.
  6. You already have the hard part - getting your picture stored online - in your case right here on the indiana sportsman - open the picture in the photogallery. Then right click on the picture then choose properties(the bottom choice, there will be an http address. Highlight the address and copy it. Start your post
    :yeahthat: Then Click on this button -You will get a little work window come up -paste in the http address from the picture- click on the OK - It should load on your post.

    Hope it works
  7. Reminds me of an Allen county 8 point I measured 2 years ago that went 162. That one was taken by a 14 year old.
  8. [​IMG]

    Hey !!!! Success at last, thanks Googleye.
  9. [​IMG]8 point taken in kentucky 1 doe 1 buck

  10. Good one right there. My friend, Gary Handlin, a scorer who lives down that way scored another giant 8 pointer this year from Clay County that is just a hair bigger than that one. Both great 8s!!!!!