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Big Water Ducks

Discussion in 'Indiana Waterfowl Hunting' started by Dock Holiday, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Anyone heard anything about wawasee, any divers down yet. Thinkin of hitting the big water sat, since all my ponds are froze up.

    Any info will help
  2. How hard did they freeze dock? Any chance on breaking a hole? We normally do pretty good over an opened up hole.

  3. They werre all froze yesterday and now that is really cold I would have to take my chainsaw out to get to em now. We will see, I may try a blue tarp or food coloring, you ever tried that??

    We are hitting some big water tommoro, how bout you guys
  4. Hitting up a watershed lake in the area. Its holding a few but I just hope they don't head for the Ohio when we bump them off tomorrow morning.

    I always heard that a big sheet of black plastic looked like water to the ducks more than food coloring, never tried it though.

    Good luck...
  5. Shot em up real nice sat, but sunday was slow. How did you guys do?

    Black sheet of plastice, hmmm.. I will have to try it
  6. The birds we had have apparently gone somewhere else. Should have only been the first wave of migration, we'll have to see. I haven't seen any geese anywhere down here, other than the locals that know where guns cannot be.