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Bigfoot is out there!!!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by treehugger, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. :yikes: Hunter's Beware!!!

    Breaking News: Bigfoot Caught on Trail Camera!

    [​IMG] WI hunter Mike Tomesh sent Outdoor Life this stunning trail camera photo of Bigfoot. “My wife went into town to have the film developed. When I returned home the doors were bolted and she had a bat in her hands. She was squealing as to what was lurking in our woods,” Mike says.

    Sasquatch is no joke. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) there are an estimated 2,000 to 6,000 of the big, hairy goons roaming across N.A.

    An adult bigfoot stands about 7’10” tall and weighs 650 pounds. His or her (females have large, noticeable breasts) body is covered with hair, not fur. Most are black, but there are color phases. The creature has a large head with a small brain. It emits a powerful body-odor stench. The average length of 702 footprints documented over the past 50 years is 15.6”. Bigfoot has been known to make blood-curtling screams.

    You need to know all that because deer hunters who are fixing to spend a lot of time in the woods are the people most apt to encounter Sasquatch. Go to the BFRO website, click on your state on the Bigfoot map and read about hunter encounters in your area.

    I found out there have been 21 recent Sasquatch sightings in my state of VA. Last October, a bowhunter in Scott Co. saw a doe go down thrashing in a thicket. He went to investigate and was overcome with an incredible stench. He began to tingle, got scared and ran. Acorns started beating him on his head; he turned and caught a giant creature out of the corner of his eye. Bigfoot was throwing nuts at him!

    The hunter escaped unscathed, but it is unclear if Sasquatch killed the deer. Generally, Bigfoot is not a threat to humans; there have been only 2 documented attacks on people, with one resulting in death.

    Still, be careful out there. If you see or smell Sasquatch steer clear and vacate those woods immediately, even if you're hunting a monster 10-pointer. Report your encounter to BFRO asap. One of their highly trained scientific field researchers will contact you for details.
  2.'s now're a lunatic!

  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Do you need a license to hunt one? Wonder what the daily bag limit is?

    Maybe a C.O. can give us an answer.
  4. i hope doe estrus doesn't smell like bigfoot estrus. :yikes:
  5. I'm thinkin' if Bigfoot is out there, and he wants a piece of me....AND I have a weapon.......Ummm, dead Bigfoot!!!!!!

    Don't look now folks, but someone is pulling a big league prank on a friend up in
  6. I believe this was confirmed many moons ago........
  7. Pigeon talks about Bigfoot all the time....goose hunters :coco: .
  8. Bigfoot...

    After being married to my wife for 42 years:yikes: , this Bigfoot thing doesn't scare me at all!!!:cheeky-sm I have a empty space on the wall of my den waiting on him!!!:bash:

    Bud Fields
  9. ....I know...deer season can't come soon enough to save me!

    If there was such a thing as Bigfoot there would have been one by now that died of lead poison from a big gun.
  10. Now there's a thought... I need to find out where my buddy has His trail cam, and take the day off.. Anybody else want in on this????:evil:
  11. These came from another thread...I hate to say it but maybe it was a Bigfoot you heard screaming! :yikes:

    SCARED at night
    This here is a thread i found on So who gets spooked(scared) being out in the woods at night lets all be honest? i am 6 ft. 160 lbs. i'm a light weight i know.There was honestly only one time i ever got spooked, last year walking to my stand i heard something like a LOUD screech or scream, which honestly made stop in my tracks for a GOOD while, sounded like some kind of primate or maybe some kind of bigfoot creature:confused: that is the best way i could describe the sound. Still to this day i still can't figure out what the heck made that sound, it wasn't anything i have ever heard before. Lets hear ya'lls strange happenings. :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

    Quail said:
    I've heard the odd screams in the dark as well, very unnerving.

    other than that....skunks skunks skunks, little buggers are all over the trail I use to hike back into the woods.
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  12. :coco: deer hunters,, just cant go in the woods during the dark.... Just watch the Blair Witch Project the night before opening day... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. No way man...the screaming that would be heard would be ME!!!
  14. Dad didn't go down and find any tracks in either case? Sounds like some imaginative kids.