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Bill Targets DNR drilling in Parks and Forest

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Feb 9, 2007.


    Bill targets DNR drilling in parks, forest

    Bryan Corbin, Evansville Courier & Press

    INDIANAPOLIS - Flabbergasted by the sight of drilling rigs exploring for coal at the Glendale State Fish and Wildlife Area, residents of Daviess County, Ind., complained to their state representative. The suggestion of strip-mining in the Glendale wildlife area elicited intense opposition, and when a public meeting finally was scheduled Oct. 11, more than 400 people attended, most speaking against the idea. The now-canceled proposal for coal exploration last fall at Glendale inspired a bill that sailed through an Indiana House committee Wednesday. House Bill 1322 would require the Department of Natural Resources to conduct a public hearing before it allows drilling on any DNR property, such as a state park, state forest or wildlife area.
  2. I heard about this at school. I think it is a great idea that they give people a chance to atleast voice their opinion.

  3. i went to the glendale meeting. it was very nice the way they handled it. everyone who wanted to speak could and the dnr was upfront on what they were planning. the people asked questions and voiced their opinions and evedently the dnr listened. it was well worth the time and very informative. i think this bill is a good thing.
  4. I'm glad to see that reason has prevailed and the FWA's and other state owned natural areas can be spared from energy developement.

    Some will argue that this ban should extend to timbering our state and national forests. We need to remember that there is a tremendous difference between utilizing a renewable resource, such as timber, and scraping away an entire landscape to expose a vein of coal.

    After graduating high school, I spent a summer planting trees on the Chinook mine near Terre Haute. Reclaiming is not any means.

    The price of enjoying the priviledge of hunting, fishing and living the outdoor lifestyle we all enjoy is to ensure that the natural areas we love are preserved for our children and their children.

    The value of our remaining, fragmented wild areas cannot be measured in tons of coal or cubic feet of gas. This bill recognises that.