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Bird Dogs and Fish Wildlife Areas off season

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by huntindog1, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Called a fish and wild life area. Your not allowed to walk your bird dog off season in any areas except for the dog training area unless on a 6ft leash. Plus not allowed to use pen raised birds even tho the state released birds on that property for years at the pheasant put and takes.

    This particular Fish and Wild Life Area hasnt had any birds or any decent small game hunting in my adult life time. Its basically a dead property unless your a deer hunter or a turkey hunter. They dont want you exercising your bird dogs on any of the other areas as you might upset the deer or turkey as that is their bread and butter. I have no use for fish and wild life areas in this state any more.

    Hunters dont ever speak up and this is what we get. I went to Michigan last year , gods country up there and un like Indiana they are doing habitat development at a rate thats 1000 times more than Indiana is. Not sure why Bird hunting and Small game hunting is such a low priority in Indiana.

    Chime in if you have any good ideas on the subject.

    Since the failure of the DNR has been evident for years and years its time to use those Fish and Wild Life areas in new ways that allows more access and uses to the Tax Payers.
  2. The state needs to reopen alot of these places with the pheasant releases and add chukkars so the current areas are not so crowded and dangerous. Also make it available for longer periods to promote the sport. Unless they can outline a new plan to get wild birds back on state property that would be successful.

  3. Agree on the poor use of our FWA. We were able to run field trials on certain FWA for years. Then the state decided turkeys were more important and field trials were not a primary activity. So NO more field trials on any Indiana state FWA. They tore down the barn and clubhouse immediately. The DNR blamed the feds but most all other states have field trials on grounds with the same federal funding.

    Yes, we have dog training areas on FWA, but no mowed paths, no birds and can not release birds. Pretty hard to make a birddog without birds.
  4. went to Atterbury the other day , hadnt been there in a few years, A shocker how the place is now with the military taking back a majority of the land. Looks like they are burning off alot of the ground should help lower tick population. And help small game as small game seem to thrive after comtroled burns. Same for Crosley they are doing alot of controlled burns also. But Crosely I have been there many times and hardly any wild life there at all just deer and turkey. Have seen any rabbits hardly or absolutely no birds at Crosley.