Bird flu in Geese in Michigan

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  1. Thats Scary, Still Will Be Shooting Geese On The First!!!!

  2. Won't stop me from hunting on the 1st!
  3. I got a cure for thoses poor birds; Take 1 round from a 12 gauge once in the morning on Sept.1st. They won't have the flu anymore.
  4. We'll be sending those geese your way in a couple of months or so! I'll be in the Liberty area for the 1st Sept after doves and geese. And I agree, lead vacine should provide a cure.
  5. I heard on tonights news that it was swans. Can't these news people get anything right?
  6. .....:lol:
  7. Uhhhh,,, didnt you mean a non-toxic vaccine.... ;)
  8. As far as I am concern you can kill all the geese. That is what DR. 410 says one 12ga in the morning and one 12ga in the evening to they are all gone. Start taking this on the 1st
  9. quit playing with those three&half in. baby 10 gauges, and go to the real thing, browning bps 10 give them the full meal deal!!!:evil: :evil:
  10. I hurt just thinking about that.
  11. ccavacini

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    I wonder if they cough when they fly?
  12. Wonder if they have cold sweats and a fever too?:bonk:
  13. I know they sweat when they see me aiming at them!