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Bird Season

Discussion in 'Questions about Indiana Hunting/Fishing Laws' started by ccavacini, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Has Indiana ever given any consideration to closing upland hunting (as they do in Michigan) during our two week deer gun season, and then bringing it back for two weeks later in the season?

    Last year that would have meant closing the season from Nov. 12-Nov. 27.....then extending the season to Jan. 1 ...instead of Dec. 18.

    This would eliminate some of the conflicts between deer hunters and bird hunters, especially those competing over the same land. (and yes, conflicts do exist.)
  2. Your darn right they do. I was hunting Willow Slough in November and walked to within 125 yards of a guy in his stand. He hollored at us and we turned around. It is amazing that when you are looking towards the ground you forget to look up into the trees. This guy was pissed at us. We did, however make it up to him we were hunting an adjacent field and sppoked a nice 8 pointer right at him and he was able to get a good shot off and was able to harvest him. I felt bad for walking over his spot. I have heard of fights in parking lots because of this and for the safety of everyone in the field this should be considered.

  3. It would need to be moved more than just out of that 2 week period. Archery season begins Oct. 1 and usualy ends in Jan. with only 1 week off at the end of firearms season. In my openion for the change to do any good the bird season would have to be entirely moved until after the late archery season was over
  4. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod


    What's interesting is I've never had a conflict with a bow hunter. Seems there are fewer of them and there is less competition for the land. All this was just a works real well in Michigan and gives the pheasant hunters and extended season.


    By the way, I was in you neck of the woods last week. Hunted two days for quail outside of Montgomery.
  5. I think this would be fantastic! It would help resolve how I spend my limited hunting time in the fall as well. Some of us like chasing a little of everything.
  6. ccavacini

    You are correct about there being fewer bow hunters. My experience hunting has always been that the bow hunters were a little more die hard than the firearms hunters, and were quicker to cause problems for me anyway. Maybe that is just because I run into so many fewer hunters while I bow hunt, and most of them are trespassers who I am trying to run off.