Birddogs and heartbreak

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  1. I had an incident occur last Friday after the days hunting. While packing up from the day, a couple stopped by my Nephew’s place to chat. The couple had another dog in the back of their truck. We all in good nature, gathered around the truck, talking about the days events, as they were about to leave, their dog stuck his head out the truck window. In the next moment, almost too fast to recount, my nephew got between the dogs, and my dog bit his are…bad. It was a “level 4” bite, meaning multiple canine teeth sank in deep in a tearing action causing heavy bleeding and leaving a large bruise as well.

    My dog is nearly 2 years old now, when we got him as a pup, we went through the puppy socialization classes. I followed up with the puppy two classes and two levels of obedience training after that, even winning one obedience contest at a fair with him. As a hunter, he’s been the best dog I’ve owned in terms of instinct and field abilities.

    As he’s matured he’s been snapping at my family members when told to “kennel up” in the mornings. We’ve also found out that one of his letter mates is reported to be “mean as a snake” by his owners.

    I have two small children and we always have a house full of their friends. Now that we know he’s a biter and all the risks of liability, and concern for our kids and their friends, also consulting conversations with our family Vet, we’ve come to the conclusion that we must put him down. Under law, we have to keep him quarantined at home for two weeks following the bite, even though we know there is no chance he has rabies.

    After the consultation, I think the vet was crying more than I was, like my wife said, the Vet knew our history and all the work we’ve done with the dog. If there is a lesson at all, I guess I should have sought out owners of dogs from previous litters and been more thorough with the breeder.

    Not looking for comments…just felt a need to vent.

  2. Terrible news, Keith. I'm afraid that I may have to take the same measures with my lab eventually, because she's getting progressively meaner every year. I feel for ya man.
  3. I had to put down one of my lab's a couple of years ago and I know how you must feel. My heart goes out to you!!
  4. Sorry To Hear Your News Quail, I Had A Chocolate Lab That I Had To Do The Same Thing , Best & Smartest Dog I Ever Had It Really Sucks , But Trust Me Your Doing The Right Thing !!!!
  5. wow quail sorry to hear that. i have a 15 month old lab and she shows some aggresiveness towards strangers. although she has never snapped at anyone it appears to be only tall people. but she's still a pup. i'm trying to correct it but haven't had any luck. if she becomes a biter i'll have to do the same thing. it's the craziest thing she's scared to death of my neighbors pomeranium you become attatched to them i know it's going to be the hardest thing.
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    As tough as it was, you did the right thing. You would have never been able to trust the dog around kids...a horrible way to live.
  7. I'm going to disagree here. You've invested a lot of time and money in this dog and it sounds like this is the first real incident you've had. With my dogs no amount of time, money or training is too high to correct a problem. I have always stuck by my dogs through thick and thin and suggest that some more intense training may save this dog's life. I wouldn't jump the gun right away especially with a 2 year old dog.

    Just my humble opinion,
  8. I couldn't agree more, Quail. I see no reason why you're having a hard time putting down this dog...heck, you put me down all the time.....and I'm a human (most days anyway).

    All kidding aside, I think it's the right thing to do Quail...unfortunately. If you'd like, I could hunt with you and be your dog this season??? Hey, don't mind the GPS "collar" I'll be wearing either.
  9. Sorry for your situation Quail. It's got to be hard. Hope it all works out for the best.
  10. Quail...any way this dog could be put out on a farm somewhere where there would be less chance of it being around kids and not have to take a drastic step as you have mentioned? I hate to hear it.
  11. sorry situation

    Sorry to hear your situation Keith. I kind of agree with the notion of trying to save the dog. I am sure consulting with the vet gave you the answers you need. Its never pleasant, had to put an old golden down due to hips and my current golden is twelve and its only a matter of time. Was your nephew showing affection towards the other dog or any provocation?

  12. I kind of agree with Jack here. If there wouldn't have been another dog around I would think it best to put it down, but since there was the other dog there.... of course I've never met or been around your dog either.

    One question, can I ask who your vet is and what your dogs name is? My sister works as a vet tech for Mayhorder on Line Street. Before that she worked with Quinn and Ritchie for awhile right after college. She might know you, her name is Tonya Weeks. I ask for your dogs name, because she usually knows it better than the humans.
  13. check your private messages - I know a lady who is kind of an expert on dog behavoir problems
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  14. To all of you

    Thank you all for your thoughts and comments.