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  1. Does anyone know where I can get some birds for training my dog or someplace I can go to shoot some pigeons?
  2. DON'T KNOW WHERE TO SHOOT PIGEONS but there should be a list of game preserves to do some training and shooting. i don't know where you live but i know of one in orleans in. called lost river game preserve. they have pheasents, chucker, and quail. as far as buying birds sometimes people run ads in the paper or trader advertizing quail and pheasents. you could possibly find some contacts through the dnr or on the internet just by clicking in hunting preserves indiana.

  3. Goose everyone in my area that is running dogs at this time is looking for pigeons. I don't know the date but there is a animal swapmeet in May at Kimmel In. I don't know where you live, there is always pigeons at Straw Town Sale on Tuesday nights in Nobleville.
  4. 410, what's this Straw Town sale? I've been to the swap meets in Kimmel a few times.
  5. Guess I forgot to mention I live in Fort Wayne. I never thought of looking in the Trader Post but guess I could do that. I was hoping someone to hear of a grain elevator or some place like that where they would be more then happy to have people kill their pigeons.
  6. there is a guy out side of flint that raises some . If you have land to shot them on. he will sell them for a few bucks a piece.
  7. pigeons

    Take a look at my name, why do you guys want to kill my pets? Just kidding, I train my lab the same way. Pigeons are the best at off season training. Worked my pup all sumer long with them. Just so happens I raise them. Cant kill them on public water. Not sure about public land, but I was formely told it was illegal to shoot pigeons over public water by a CO. And I asked "Even If they are my pigeons":cool: :bonk:
  8. There is a animal auction in Straw Town every tuesday night they sale chickens, pigeons, ducks, goats, cattle, sheep and pigs.
  9. There is a guy that has pigeons next or around louisville kentucky, is that to far?? Thanks Jonesy
  10. KY is a little far to travel since I live in Northern IN. I have a couple of leads on where I might be able to get some birds around Fort Wayne. I'll keep you all posted.
  11. I have his phone# and he is reasonable!! He might work with ya and meet somewhere not for sure!! Later Jonesy
  12. What is reasonable Jonsey? I might want to get some.....
  13. Bunch of pigeons down there at the court house.

  14. $2.50 sometimes but rare, 3.00 average, sometimes 3.50, usually 2.75 3.00, that is fair, if ya get big# sometimes little cheaper thanks jonesy