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black morel growing

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. had a person ask if morels grow ... here is a series of shots i took this year .... still doin research on this lil guy .... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. all it looks like to me is the stem got a little longer. the didn't seem to grow at all. maybe it's just the way the pics are. it did get darker with age though.

  3. look at that broken stick end in the first pic. its the same stick in all the pics. it looks like that mushroom at least doubled or maybe tripled in size. jmo.
  4. I am sorry Fella, I dont see any change. There is nothing in the background that would suggest a growth. Maybe should have held a tape measure up to it in every photo. BTW, what is the time in between each photo? Here,where I live, I usually find some grays or yellows growing in the yard. I have measured them and let them sit. I never found them to grow after I found them. But I have not done it with a black.
  5. I've often heard that they grow and now I see that it's true. It clearly grows taller with each picture. My only concern is that while you're letting it grow a bit, I'm still starving for some. I think I'd just go ahead and pick them and get them in the skillet. I guess it's kind of a trade off issue with me. Thanks for the pictures Morchella...very interesting.
  6. maybe im seeing things but here is what i see in the first pic, superimposed on the last pic, using that broken branch for scale. morel in red, stick in green. i also get the same impression comparing it to that hunk of elm (black/yellow hunk of wood)

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  7. dont use the stick as a comparison. The camera angle can effect that. As it can the background as well, but if you look at the overall general size compared to the size of the stump in the background you get a much better feel for how big it has gotten.
  8. How long between the pictures? I have always held that they do grow, but over a very short time frame. They obviously don't sprout the size of a beer can. Neither do I think they last long enough to slowly swell to that size, especially late in the year when the giant yellows are found.
  9. The size of the "stump" is different in every photo. Would have been better with a tape measure. lol
  10. it looks to me that it tripled or even quadrupled in size. it is noticably bigger in the third pic compared to the second.
  11. Excellent info. James. I have listened to Larry " The Mushroom Man" Lonic (might have mispelled his name) on a couple different occasions and he taught me more in an hour than any person who has some crazy theory has at a bar discussion. Unfortunately, Larry passed away a couple years back, and the mushroom world lost a true gem. I've often heard that the mycelium exists in, or near dead elms because they "feed" off of the dead trees root system. Seems like it could be true based on simple logic and common sense. However, we all know that sometimes morels come up in areas that they're "not supposed to".

    Two things Larry taught me that I didn't know is that the mycelium will mass produce morels after a forest fire, because the mycelium siezes the opportunity to reproduce. Morchella? And, also he taught me that Afghanistan is the leading producer of morels in the world. This seems very strange, but is true.

    It seems as though Morchella Fella knows his stuff on mushrooms. I'm willing to listen to any of your information Morchella. Anyone who is in to mushrooms that much deserves to be heard.

    What I did not see in the info. that James posted was any reference to mushrooMs being called Mush-a-rooNs. Any theories on this Morchella? :bonk: !!
  12. Any article or photo combination that gets this much feed back deserves a round of aplause. Great job on the photo's, I too am a believer that they grow in a short time frame and will up you one and add that the greys will turn into yellows after some length of time and weather.....
  13. Alright, I am sold. I always wondered about the shapes of those blacks. Early in the year they seemed "perfectly" formed and around 2-3 inches tall. Later in the year when I would find them. They were deformed and considerably taller. I saw that woman's growth photos of a black and it did answer that question. But the article also stated that no one knows the initial growth rate and that even growing itself depends on several variables. I, myself, will continue to pick them when I see 'em. Good read James. And Morchella, I stand corrected!!!!!!
  14. i often wondered about this. i had no idea, i'm a mushroom doh-doh.

    good work fellas!!!