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Black powder shotguns

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I need some help from Mr. obvious!
Anyone black powder hunting turkeys this year? I plan to buy a 12 gauge barrel for my CVA optima pro. The barrels should be on the market in a few weeks. They have an internal modified choke with adjustable shot cups. I guess you cut the cups to desired size. Is anyone using powder pellets with their 12 gauges? Should I use copper platted shot? I've killed 4 birds with copper plated shot with a conventional shotgun. Last years birds was killed at 55 paces with a winchester 3" mag loaded with copper platted 4's. I've seen hunts on the outdoor channel where knight shotguns take birds at 50 yards or more. I am curious as to what the range will be with the new CVA shotgun! Any advice on turkey loads for the black powder shotgun would be greatly appreciated!

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Brian, I'll tell you right off the bat I don't use blackpowder shotguns myself, however a buddy of mine does. I really don't know that much of the specifics, but I can tell you he does use #4 copper shot and is very happy with it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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