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black widow bows?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by mason, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. just got their new catolog today same prices as last year but they are offering anniversary models for over a grand. i guess i can dream. does anybody know of any custom bowers in Southeastern Indiana--I know of some in Ohio but not in SE Indiana. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. custom boyers...

    If you are willing to come to Indy area there is three I know of

    After The Hunts Taxidermy, Harry Tallman.....recurves......... Indpls

    Raders, Chris Rader.............longbows.......Danville area

    Halcombs, Dan Halcomb..........recurves........Danville area

  3. do any of them have any catalogs?
  4. I own two of the tallman recurves and my dad owns one of them. Sweet shooters. He will give you a decent price.

    ive shot plenty of blackwidows and they are not worth the money. Heavy, not that smooth, and to be honest if you are getting a custom bow why would you want one that looks like everyone elses and is made on a CNC machine? All for a cool grand after you pay for all the extras. Give the tallman bows a look and i think youll be pretty happy. He usually does a good job on the turn around time. They will have a ton of them there to shoot too if you really want to give them a shot. Good Luck.
  5. tallman bows

    hey trdtnlbwhntr i lost your pvt message somehow dont know what you said try me again does tallman have a website?
  6. Mason, I know Harry Tallman also and he does a good job. He also does taxidermy. I'm thinking about hunting with a recurve myself and I will buy one from him when I do. If you would like his phone number, PM me.
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