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Blind or No blind

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by DaWG of Indpls, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Guys, I am interested in what you have to say on the use of a blind for Turkey hunting.

    I prefer to shotgun hunt without a blind, but if the weather or other situation dictates I use one, I personally use a Double Bull with Predator camo.

    Is your success greater with or without a blind?

    What factors cause you to use a blind?

    Do you brush it in heavily or lightly, or does it depend?

    What have you found to be your best setup with a blind?

    Have you an opinion regarding camo patterns? Which is best, which is worst?

  2. I have never used a blind, but I will to start with this year as I'll be trying it with a bow. I have a cheapo Ameristep but it will have to do.

  3. When using a shotgun I go without a blind. I usually sit in a blind when using a bow, but I'm going to try and kill one with a bow without a blind this year.
  4. never used a blind. going to try bow hunting without a blind this year too. but i will use decoys bowhunting. if i can get a tom to strut and turn to get my bow back i should be able to get a shot. i just don't like sitting on the ground and waiting on a bird. i wanna go and set up on a gobble. win or lose.
  5. I use one of those ameristep blinds also, when i am using a bow, or taking a young first timer out. with practice they put up and take down rather fast.

    The blind that i have has little loops to put brush in to help hide the blind better. If i have time and can do it quietly i would definatley brush it up.. a lot.

    Last year i had 2 toms shy away from the blind, or maybe it was my decoys, or maybe it was my calling. regardless what it was, the blind gets the blame. so i definately try to blend it in with the environment the best i can.
    and you guys hunting tukey with a bow without a blind. :bowdown: you are the man!!