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Blood Trail....

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Noftheriver, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Pulled back on 4 point yesterday.
    I wanted the 10 pointer I saw the evening before but the guy didnt show so the fever got the best of me when his little brother walked up to my Renzo decoy about 9 am on Sat.

    He was standing 10 yds out broadside,I put the green dot right behind his shoulder and click....the release failed!!! I kept clicking!!! the release had opend but the loop was caught on one side. I turned to look at it and it released.
    It him low I assume,I did not even see it hit I was looking at the release.
    When the bow fired I turnd and saw him scatter.I assumed I missed.
    I sat in the stand for two hours I could see the arrow 3 ft to the left of where he was standing so I thought no problem. I got down and went to pick up the arrow.The muzzy and the insert were gone and the carbon shaft was splintered.
    It went through there was blood on the vanes.
    I follwed the blood trail for about 1.5 miles took about 2 hours over every ridge and ravine he stayed on the very edge.
    I certainly learned about blood trailing,I had never done it before.
    When I would loose the trail I would put a orange flag at the last blood spot then work in a circle till I found another spot.
    The blood was light at first it took me 1 hour to go the first 500 yds.I did not want to leave him to die and let the coyotes get him. The last 300 yds it got heavy then it just disappeared??? I looked all over could not find it or pick it back up.
    I was on the edge of a ravine he was not in the bottom and the tracks were clear. He had quit bleeding. I soon lost the tracks so I gave it up. I had tracked him over 2500 yds.

    I pray to God he made it the water. When I got home I checked out the area on google earth where I lost the blood trail. He was headed straight for a stream. I pray he made it.
    The water will rebuild his blood supply.
    Next time he will not be so quick to run up to a decoy I am sure.
    He had a big body and I was hungry, maybe next year his rack will match his wieght.
    My freezer is still empty.
    My grinder silent.....
    And I am one Carbon with a Muzzy down.......

    Word of advice: "Dont by the cheap release."
    I will get a new one before I go out again.
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  2. Noft.....I hate to tell you but you may find him at the stream. Deer often head to water when dying. Hopefully he survived.

  3. I agree treehugger, they do head for water if they can make it, it just might be worth taking a look at the stream.
  4. I hope and pray he survived.
    The stream is two miles below and it on posted property, property I already got ran off of two years ago or I would have went out yesterday and kept looking.

    It makes me sick to think he may have died.:(
    I will trust God he made it.
    The blood trail died about 400 yds from the stream.He was still high on the ridge
    but working his way down.
    I was barely able to follow due to the ridge slope.
    I was grabbing from sapling to sapling to keep from sliding.
    He was still moving fast from the looks of the leave bunches. his forward momentum was pushing them up, both hoofs planted solid side by side.
  5. Im guessing he is fine. Best guess you hit muscle and meat and didnt get anything too important. Deer will not run up and down big ridges and ravines if they are hurt bad. I thought i shot a doe two weekends ago perfect. Maybe just a touch high and she made it well over a mile and a quarter. There isnt a bowhunter in this world with a couple years under his belt that can honestly say he has never lost or wounded a deer. Its tough to swallow and im still thinking of the one I shot, my gut says she died somewhere but everyone keeps telling me she will be fine since she went so far and up and down so many ridges. Its pretty tough to take and I understand what you are going through. Best of luck the rest of the way...