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bloopers !!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by scrapewatcher, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. anyone have any funny bloopers happen to them hunting or fishing this past yr. that we can all have a good laugh? share it !!:dizzy:
  2. this didn't happen to me but a friend of mine was hunting with a new bow of his and a nice doe come in on him and when he drew his bow the thing exploded into about 15 pieces. He still doesn't know what happened.

  3. I got my muzzleloader zeroed in at 185 yards and killed a deer at 2 yards. I think he died from smoke inhalation.
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    You know one time I......I just can't top this one.
  5. now that's funny !!
  6. Well, it didn't happen this year but one year I was deer huntin' on some friends property and the morning hunt was about over so I was making my way back to the house...suddenly I got hit with the morning after Budweiser/everything I ate the night before/punch in the gut attack...stopped me dead in my tracks and put me in a cold sweat. I did not make it. When I got to the Jeep my brother and his buddy were waiting on me...we climbed in and they started screaming. It was late November and we drove home with the doors off the Jeep. Funny thing about it was I was within 50 yards of an outhouse and didn't know it until it was way too late. On the way to the evening hunt they presented me with a &^%$#.
  7. turkey'S

    went turkey hunting in ky. last yr. called one in about 40 yrds. shot it and watched it go down. ran down to get it and left my gun laying where i was sitting and when i got to the bird it took off flying to the deep blue yonder as i just stood there and watched. could have sworn i heard someome say "here's your sign"
  8. Not Really a hunting story, but it involves a deer and two guns....

    We were on our way back from fishing Koontz lake on US 30 just around the Deer Gun opener, when the car in front of us smacked a button buck breaking three of its hooves just at the "ankles". It had no damage other than that but obviously couldn't walk or run away, so we flagged down a State Trooper and asked him to dispatch it for us, and issue the SR-71 (or what ever form he used..) He approched the deer and was no more that 4 feet away took careful aim with his 9mm and squeezed the trigger... The deer just continued to look at him, and now scared by the "Pop" of his gun was frantically trying to escape. The trooper turned to me and my buddy, and said did I miss that thing??? He shot three more times, same distance, same results.. then a Marshall county deputy pulled up took out his 12 ga, and dispatched the deer for us.. The Trooper was telling the deputy "I swear, every time I shot that thing would duck..." I told the deputy who helped us load the deer, No wonder there's so much crime around here, this guy couldn't hit the side of the barn if he were standing inside it!
    Whenever I think of that incident I start laughing../
  9. just thought of another on my dad...we were huting some property around home across the field from each other. About 8:15 i see him get down and start heading for the truck. I couldn't figure out what was going on. About half way back to the truck I see him squat down right in the field. Again not sure what's going on I glance back over at where his stand is and 3 deer walk out from under it. When it came time to get down I walked to the truck and asked him what was up. Come to find out he had to take a dump and the only toilet paper was in the truck. He couldn't make it to the truck so he went right in the field at the same time deer walked out from under his stand. Funniest thing I ever saw.
  10. Four years ago, early archery season, about 5am, full moon, bright. Wind was in a bad direction for me to walk through the woods to my stand. Since the moon was so bright, I thought I'd hike around the woods via the railroad tracks, keep the wind in my favor, and take a "shortcut" into my stand, up a slight hill.
    I like to wear the leafy mesh camo hoods to cover my face, had it tucked in one of the side pockets on the leg of my pants. Moons bright, didn't want to use a flashlight, take off on my hike. Get to the hill, still not wanting to turn on a flashlight found I had to fight my way up the hill through a tangle of thorn bushes.
    Climbed up the stand, got settled in, reached for my hood. I'm thinking there's no use climbing down to look for a camo hood on the wood floor in the dark, so be it.
    2 hours later, biggest doe I've ever seen walked by the opposite side of the tracks, made a soft call, she turned straight towards me, coming in like pulled on a string. Get's to about 50yds and stops dead, won't come any closer.
    I look for why she stopped so fast, and on a thorn bush right in front of her nose is my hood waving like a little flag.
    Learned if something is important enough to stuff in your pockets while hunting, make sure you button or snap the pocket closed!!!
  11. I have another that combines a 12g slug gun with a rifle scope ( I was dumb enough to buy this rig used) and a cresent shaped scar over my right eye.
    17 stitches, and yes, I missed the buck.
  12. Years ago my dad and I were fishing a local farm pond in a small jon boat. My dad had polio when he was a kid, so he couldnt get around that well.Anyhow he needed to take a leak , so we got over toward the shoreline and he moved to the front of the boat to take care of buisness.Well somehow he fell over the front of the boat into about 2 inches of water ,his legs were in the boat but the rest of him was out.I knew he was in trouble but I couldnt stop laughing.Kodaik moment without the Kodaik. He survived with nothing broke but his pride, and dad wasnt even drinking!

    Another time dad,my brother-in-law, and me were fishing the wabash river.My brother-in-law and I were catching a lot of fish, but dads day was really slow.after several hours dad finally had one on.So excited, he is saying pull the boat motor dont wont to loose this big one.Then starts trash talking, who wants to fight a really big flat head cat, or so he thought! When he starts to get the fish towards the boat he is really getting excited , only to see that somehow his line wrapped around a rock the size of a big pumpkin softball!!Ha!HA!
    Dad if your looking down from heaven love ya! FISH ON!!!!
  13. Treehugger to the rescue!!!! Been there done that. It was a Friday morning hunt after eating $.75 (yes... the real Quality ones) Coneys at the local pub and washing those babies down with $1 long necks. My new Scent Lok Climaflex worked admirably, but I had to wash the suit for the second time.

    Two bow seasons ago I was walking along a creek through an open field because I was late getting to my stand. I was just creeping along nice and slow, being hidden down in this ditch/creek, when I spotted some creek chubs swimming along. Being a Walleye nut I had to stop and check the little boogers out. Well I looked ahead and saw some grass, and, thinking it was dry ground took another step. Well the grass was just floating over a nice hole. Well...let's just say that swimming in November isn't my idea of fun.

    Oh yes, here's another dandy. On my Iowa hunt this past fall, I took a rechargable spotlight out to the woods I was hunting and moved my climber to a different tree that would benefit me because that's where all the bucks I had seen were travelling through. Well the rechargable ran out of juice. I got lost and couldn't find my way out. It was pitch black. luckily I had my cell phone and called my hotel. A couple hunters from Michigan came and got me. I was out there for 4 hours altogether. Luckily for me it was a warm night because all I had on was a tee shirt and pants.
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  14. Ever have that awful pain hit you in the gut when you are miles from anything resembling a bathroom? This happened to me in Hoosier National Forest a few years back. I was about a half mile from my truck when the big pain hit. I had no t.p., and it was cold. I looked around and found a spot under a big oak. After 10-15 minutes of giving birth to the Jackson Five, I took my knife, cut my drawers off and wiped. Just as I was making the last wipe I noticed something...something awful...something bad. Not fifteen yards away was a man in a tree stand. This man was looking at me poopin. I felt something should be said, so I just kinda waved and said "Cold ain't it" He just turned his head away from me. I felt violated. He could have made himself known before the big show. I could see the whites of this guys eyes. I buttoned and zipped and gathered my things and walked away.