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Bluegill/crappie flies??

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by goggleye57, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. A guy from Montana was selling what he said were super bluegill flies - So I tied some up this afternoon getting ready for the ice out. I'll try these out on a lake channel the sun has warmed up to draw the fish in. What do you think - will they work? :)

  2. not sure if they'll work this early, but i've seen my unlce absolutely kill'em whith that type of fly floated under a bobber in late april.
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  3. They'll work. I'll be trying something like those later this afternoon...on open water! :woohoo1:
  4. Yeah, those will work, the colors should be good for crappies.... not sure about gills. I'd be more apt to tie some black, tan or green ones. I'm glad to see I'm not the only guy who ties flies compulsively...... Does your wife make fun of you for "wasting" your time on those silly little things?????
  5. JAMES????????? OPEN WATER?????????
  6. :evil:
  7. :16suspect
  8. JL and crooked are locked in a "FACE OFF" hahahaha

    your move james...i recommend the "Rant" face, lil fella that looks like hes screaming obscenities...most often directed at Dean...
  9. They will work just fine, sometime I will head that way and help you try them out. HAHAHA
  10. Here's the open water I was telling you about:


    And here are a few fish I got tonight (on a fly very similar to the one goggle posted a picture of):


  11. I'm stumped on the water, but the one redear looks pretty nice! Hook a brother up!!!!!!!
  12. Cool fish - gotta get out and give it a try! :)
  13. Real nice james, spring is on its way