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Bluegill Flies

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by BrodyCarter2008, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. anyone nkow any good bluegill flies for rivers?
  2. Bluegill Flys?????

    I've heard of flying fish, but man...I didn't know that Bluegills could too.

  3. pm me your address and I will send you some home-made rubber spiders.
  4. I like marabou nymphs tied on a #14 to a #8 size hook. Olive green or black.
    If you add a strand or two of tinsle to the tail, or ribbing for a little flash, it can help. Another good choice for gills is an everyday wooly worm, or wooly bugger, again in black.
    Caddis drys are always a good choice, they ride high on the water and double as a strike indicator. If you're crafty, try adding a hares ear nymph on a short 6-10 inch leader tied to the hook of a high floating dry such as a stonefly. The dry acts as a ( dare I say, bobber) and attractor, gills come up and often take the nymph below the surface.
    If in doubt for gills, I go with about anything in black.
  5. I used to use one called a "Cornie" It looked like a grain of corn with spider legs, haven't seen them in years though!
  6. Sent some flies out Saturday. flip them out on the water and let them sit still for a moment then twitch them. then twitch them back towards you as you retrieve your cast. :)