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Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Area Lakes

Discussion in 'Southwest Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Moose1am, May 2, 2007.

  1. There are a lot more boats using these lake this year now that we can use our gasoline outboard motors at idle speeds on the lakes

    Last weekend it was hard to find a parking spot for the truck and boat trailer. LOL

    Fishing is still pretty good for crappie though.

    Crappie are spawning today. Water temp at 4 to 8 ft deep is 64 deg F, perfect for the crappie spawn. Male crappie are wearing their dark spawning colors. White Male Crappie ( 5-6 Dorsal Spines) are wearing their dark spawning colors and are looking like the Black Crappie species but these are male white crappie.
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