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Bluegrass grows in the rain...

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by trdtnlbwhntr, May 7, 2007.

  1. A few weeks back I had the chance to go on a turkey hunt in Kentucky with our own HuntinIN. I had a great time even though I was pruned from the rain for three straight days. There were a few bright spots in the trip though, which included the fifteen minutes of sunlight that we saw one afternoon, and the southern style barbecue restaurant we stopped at for lunch one raining morning. Here is the story in pics

    It started out with me forgetting about the time change between southern Indy and northern indiana. I was late. But we got on the road not soon after we met up and it was apparent we were going to have a good time on the trip. We drove the whole way down that evening in sunshine and fairly easy going traffic.

    When we arrived it was dark but we got camp up and started dinner that night of doe backstrap marinated to perfection and cooked on a coleman propane stove top. Ah the life. Might I say eric will make someone a good wife someday. He is a pretty good cook and makes a pretty nasty whiskey and coke on the fly. Mudhole your bartender job might be in jeopardy.

    From there the weather turned nasty. It rained! It rained some more! Then the sun popped up one afternoon only to turn to clouds and more rain! Here we are waiting the rain out. You can only hunt so many days in a row in the rain before it takes a toll on your psyche.

    When we werent hunting I was enjoying the views. Its a small town, with beautiful views and untouched country side. It was also my first time on a ferry across the cumberland river. What a great place.


    Oh there were turkeys around. Just not on the farm we were hunting. In all this sums up the hunting.

    We left much too soon and planned the wrong weekend to hunt, but I met a good friend on the trip and cant wait to go again next year. Thanks again for an awesome trip and great memories. Until next time. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for posting the pics! Ahhh, the memories, rain, closed mouth birds, and bourbon.

  3. got an extra seat for next year?? that countryside looks beautiful...and bourbon?? cant beat that
  4. Seat's taken, bub. Cool pics, Dustin.
  5. Where was the CHITER...Dustin:hide: got a pic.:cwm27: !!!!!!!!
  6. Brew the chiter is located near the home-made wine at an undisclosed location. Anyone that is willing to commit to going could possibly get a spot, including Jones, but Dustin has the rain check for opener.
  7. Those are some of the coolest pictures posted on here. Great job guys.
  8. I have a rain check till I kill one of those bluegrass-mute birds. Then and only then can I retire...
  9. Let me Guess!!!!!OLD Tobaco Barn..??????;)
  10. Damn....... You got her dicked!!!!!!!! Looks like a heck of a lot of fun...... Tent - check, Whiskey - check and check........ Like I said, that looks like a ball. Where 'bouts did you go? And I'd go in a second..........
  11. Deer Country

    Eric.....looks like it should be good deer country. You do deer down their too.

    By the way Brew.....ever hear you don't chit where you eat?

    Nice pics guys.