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boat owners beware!!!

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by DBurris, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. That thing called winter does alot of damage to your boat motor and trailor! For your own piece of mind check all of these before you head to the lake. Old gas in motors will varnish caborators, batteries should be checked to see if they need water, a charge, and clean the connections. check the oil in the lower unit pull the prop off to check for harmfull fishing line wrapped around the shaft. replace spark plugs just because. pull start motors look at the cord make sure dry rot hasn't taken place. boats; check the seat mounting screws, clean your livewells make sure pump is working. check bilgepump for leaves and maple spinners that plug them up look at the drainplug to make sure its there and it still fits tight. do your life jackets need replaced? Is the ancor ropes and tie down straps in good shape? check the running lights for bad bulbs and corrosion.
    Do the trailor lights work? Is the safty chain ok? when was the last time your wheel bearings were greased and or replaced? check the tires for proper inflation dont forget the spare! where is the jack in case of a flat? Is your emergency tool kit and first aid kit still in the boat? make sure! these are all simple fixes at home or at your local marina. Out on the road or lake they all magnify!!! DON'T YOU BE THAT GUY STUCK ON THE BOAT RAMP BLOCKING OTHERS WHEN A COUPLE OF HOURS PREP TIME WERE NOT USED WISELY!
    good luck safe boating to all
  2. DBurris, good deal that just about covers it.