Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Season Cancelled!

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  1. Cameron Clark the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Director opened the Indiana Natural Resources Commission meeting today by withdrawing the bobcat hunting and trapping season. It was unanimous approved. This is why we get for having the Governor appoint a lawyer who use to work for Indiana chapter of the Nature Conservancy. He put emotions and politics above sound science and wildlife management. I put the blame on the local, state and national humane society organizations that told their members to flood the comments with emotional negative comments with no science to prove their points. Everybody needs to email or write the Indiana DNR and voice your opinions! Hunters and trappers thought it was a done deal so many didn't comment.
  2. Sad. They are hard on our turkeys.
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  3. I spent the last three years lobbying for it. We get to the final meeting to vote on it and the director ignores science. Not one comment from anti-bobcat hunting had any science or study that proves the population would be hurt by a limited regulated season.
  4. all for it here. i have no use for bobcat meat. seen a few, over he years, but they are rare in these parts.
  5. For me if its a bobcat season and they just ignore it, then start somewhere. They don't have to ignore it but start with a bow season. Anybody here who has spent time in the woods knows how rare it is in the first place to have one show up and in range. That would not do major damage but more control and the difficulty to actually sit and hunt a bob cat would be awesome.