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Bobcat Sighting!

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by JL, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. It wasn't me, but my lease partner had a bobcat within fifteen yards of him tonight while he was hunting one of my stands. He said it was the sneakiest thing he's ever seen. He took a picture with his phone. If it's decent quality, I'll post it later.
  2. once in a life time op that would be neat to see not very many indiana hunters get that chance hopefully the pic is good like to see it

  3. I think that the proof would be the pudding in my shorts!
  4. Rowdy


    He said bobcat, not cougar.
  5. Pretty cool, James. Look forward to seeing the photo.

    Did you see any deer while you were out?
  6. Pretty cool creature to see.... hope the pics turn out!
  7. bobcats

    I have only saw four in my 54 years, but 2 of those four have been in last few years. Indiana is growing a bobcat population, in the next few years I believe we will see them regularly............

    John Cervid..... care to comment?
  8. bobcat

    I saw a bobcat in 2004 in Parke County and many years ago on of my buddies dad had trapped a bobcat in a leg hold trap near Terre Haute.
  9. Cool. They are here in Steuben County that is for sure. I haven't seen one for a couple years now, but there were two years in a row that I saw one in the same field on the way to where I hunt. The first year I had one cross the road right in front of my truck. The next year I saw one in the same field about 80 to 100 yards off the road.

    They are here. Would be cool to start seeing them fairly regularly.
  10. i saw a big one 2 years ago gun hunting here at crane. never made a noise. sneakiest thing i ever saw.
  11. They are becoming a regular sighting to a lot of southern indiana hunters. My buddy saw one hit on the road next to his lease just last week.
  12. there is quiet a few in W. Va. where we hunt and I only have seen one in Indiana. There are a cool looking cat, I bet they would keep the other guys dogs out of your yard. HA!
  13. ive seen them around the land i hunt by racoon creek above the lake for along time. VERY COOL TO SEE!!
  14. Kinda blurry, but here it is:

  15. It looks like it is posing...