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Boone And Crocket will have to bend the rules if that deer from Indiana will ever be

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Swamp Monsters Inc., Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Hey one and all, greetings from the home of the world record whitetail. Has it been 12 years already since Mr. Hanson rocked the whitetail world with his buck that shattered the old record of 207. What am hereing from the land of small bucks but another unfounded challenge to the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of The World. My money is on the fact that what you have is another Rompala, an emberassment to the whitetail world. I hope for your sake that you screened this (wana be famous) whitetail hunter to ensure that you don't end up with another Rompalagate. I've been in the taxidermy business for 20 years and anyone including the Hickory Nut that thinks Rompalas deer was legitimate had better layoff the crack pipe. All I can say is may the better buck win.

    Swamp Monsters Inc.
  2. Hanson: Not the most avid outdoorsman.

    The deer in question might not out score Hansons buck but at least it was not pushed by a dozen hunters then murdered. Plus, didnt Milo Hanson nearly shoot the rack off this deer before finally getting lucky and hitting some organs. (Hint the tape on the horns). Lets see you frenchies use a shotgun and take half the bucks we do. Anyone can hunt with a sniper rifle and a heated box blind. Indiana has some of the best HUNTERS in the world. Dont be jealous you arent a Hoosier Hunter.

  3. Oh and one other thing, we dont screen our hunters....if you havent heard the United States of America is a free country.
  4. Right on the nose HickoryNut! Opinions are like a........., well you know- everyone has them. Must be a pretty profound notion, one of our fine hoosier bucks gaining international recognition. Some people!
  5. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    :yeahthat: A little protective (jealous?), aren't we, hey?

    Oh, by the way, welcome to the site...I think.
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  6. My god!!

    I hope that fine Indiana buck crushes the Hanson Buck, just because of that fine post from Canada!
  7. I also have to agree with HickoryNut on this one, even though everyone knows he is one of the most degenerate redneck poachers in the country. I probably shouldn't say anymore, so I don't get anyone arrested. Sorry for running my mouth HickoryNut, maybe I am just "getting a big head.":corkysm55
  8. How much did Milo pay pay Mitch not to have his buck scored? $300,000 or was it $500,000 for 5 years? I would have sold those rights too. This buck here in Indiana crushes both of them. No matter how it ends up, at least our goverment isn't taking our guns away.


    Oh, yes welcome to the site.
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  9. no problem tylerj, I mean big head...hahaha
  10. What Does a CRACK Pipe have to do with Deer Hunting?Maybe it works in the FAR FAR North But Not Here BUD!!!!!!!!!:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  11. Morgan County Monster

    Hi everyone,
    I'm brand new to this forum, so this is my first post. With Canada owning some (not all) of the top scoring bucks in the world, it'd be easy to understand this guys point of view. Are we forgetting about the Lovstuen Buck, sir? How about the hole in the horn? Missouri Monarch? James Jordan? Wayne Bills? The list is endless. Enough said I think...
    Yes, Canada is home to some giant bucks, but you can't deny that the Mid-West ranks right up there with western Canada. I can also say that Indiana has as much, if not more, potential as all of our neighbors; maybe even The Great White North. In Canada (where relatively low hunting pressure, survival of the fittest genetics/breeding, and vast wilderness for big bucks to roam and hide in) all the ingredients for the production of many giant whitetails is present.
    In Indiana (where hunting pressure, a long firearms season at the wrong time (peak rut), and lots of hunters has caused a skewed sex ratio and lower than average age structure of our bucks) we've paled when compared to surrounding states, and yes...Canada.
    With the one-buck rule, people willing to harvest surplus does, and also willing to pass on young bucks, we now are enjoying the best mature deer hunting in Indiana...ever!!!
    We can't judge all Canadians by what the Canuck-lehead said above. I remember reading something that Milo himself said not too long ago where he stated he thought that certain midwestern States like Iowa are very capable of putting out a buck that could beat out his buck. Milo knows the potential here.
    As an outdoor writer, and a scorer for the HRBP, I know firsthand what Indiana is capable off. The fact that we may have produced a 200+ Typical buck is very exciting. We won't know for sure what this buck will net until around Jan. 16, so we shouldn't start celebrating the ousting of the Hanson Buck because this deer probably won't net that high. There have been many giant typicals shot in the midwest this season, so keep your eyes peeled. A giant Canadian buck could very well have been harvested too. whole RompolaGate theory is pretty sad, so Take Off...HOSER!!!!! While you may have something against the U.S., we aren't that shallow. We don't have a problem with Canadians. The only thing you can beat us in is Hockey.
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    Dean, you said everything well...know quite a few people in Garrett..Bob Wiant, Frog, Mel Culler, and taught with Roger Weimer when he was at Homestead.

  13. Uh, oh. You know all the Garrett doozies then?!?! God help you bud. You maybe didn't notice my last name above, but Roger was my uncle and Godfather. My dad is Ron. Did you used to teach with all these guys??
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    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I figured your dad is Ron...Bob Wiant was at Homestead when I got here. I took over as head coach. Then he went to East Noble. I know Frog through Bob. Mel, Bob, and I used to do a lot of duck hunting together...haven't seen Mel for awhile.

    Also, haven't seen His Honor the Mayor for awhile either.

    Your Uncle Roger was guidance counselor and Head Basketball Coach at Homestead when I knew him...used to rabbit hunt with him and Frog.