Boone and Crockett Numbers Rising

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  1. I just talked to John Bogucki earlier, and he reports that the number of Boone and Crockett bucks that were reported to the HRBP program stands at 18 (with more possibly coming in later) heads from the 2004 season.

    So far this year....12 have been reported from last season. I know for a fact that several of them haven't been turned in yet. The single statewide record now stands at 18 heads (2004 season).

    Iowa had over 37 heads turned in from this same year; and this was only the numbers I counted on their DNR website. What, you mean you can actually go on a state's DNR website and see that the DNR is excited about the numbers of giants their state is producing? State DNRs actually care about their state's scoring programs?

    Why...what's wrong with those states??

    Go to Ohio's, Iowa's, Illinois', Kansas', Kentucky's (pssst...these are the big buck producing states) DNR websites and see that their big buck programs are actually affiliated in one way, or another with their DNRs. Wouldn't that be cool if our state DNR was excited about trophy bucks, and proper whitetail herd management????!!!!!!!
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  2. Nice research Dean! It's nice to hear and see jump in Booners for Indiana. ( which should tell the DNR something ) Chances are probably the best they have been to get the big one. It would be nice to be recognized by the DNR in some way, but I don't see it in the near future.
  3. Good information Dean. By beening with you, Scott and others at the shows and watching the deer heads come in and been with Scott and watching the B&C bucks being scored that there is more and going to be more with the OBR. Thanks for the information.
  4. i know there has to be some DNR people who read these post. let us hear your opinions on this. as much as you can anyway. i know there are always political views on things where you have to be tight lipped but we want to know why the indiana DNR doesn't back up the record programs like other states.
  5. LOL!!!!!!! Don't hold your breath scrapewatcher. It's about BIG BUCK$$ in Indiana. Always has been, and probably always will be. The sad news is that the "Management" Philosophy in our state is to produce days afield and revenue for the state coffers.

    The latest thing I'm hearing is that they don't want to create a "trophy" situtation like Illinois, Iowa, etc. because of leasing, etc. Here is a great suggestion.....Up the out of state license prices to match those of Illinois and Iowa, and make it a draw situation. This would be a great way to create more revenue. I paid $300 for an Iowa tag last season and had the best deer hunt in my life....on PUBLIC GROUND. Here out of staters pay $120.75 (as of 2005)and buy them over the counter.
  6. i agree with you because i think your one guy who know's what your talking about or you wouldn't say it. that's why i don't think we'll get any dnr fish to bite on this post.
  7. Indiana Hoosier Record Book Program (HRB)

    I don't remember the exact year but I believe it was 1992 the Indiana Deer Hunters Association (IDHA) requested and received the records for the (HRB). At that time there had been no record book produced for some time and some certificates had not been sent to qualifiers. At that time Dr Mitchell had told his superiors that he did not believe the IDNR should be in the record keeping business for whitetail deer. Thus the IDHA was given the program with theunderstanding we would not make it a "for profit" endeavor and produce a record book every two years. We have done both.

    I am not sure of the position we would take if ever the IDNR wanted the program back. We have since invested thousands of dollars in computer programs and training scorers.

    We at any time will submit our records for any scoring period to IDNR should they request information, I'd bet it wont be for advertising the rise in older age deer..........

    I'd agree on non resident fees, we need to be reciprocal! As a non resident you pay what you charge me to hunt your State! See how they like it....
  8. IDHA and HRBP butt kickers!!!!!!!

    They don't want the records information because that only proves that what they were saying about the One Buck Rule doing nothing about the age structure of bucks in our state would be proved WRONG. It's a credibility thing people. Go back and read your Game and Fish issues from 2001 to the present. See how the rhetoric was so negative every year....but now...RECORD NUMBERS of BOONERS, POPE AND YOUNG, and HRBP bucks are coming in to the program every year???? Gee, how could this be?????


    Speaking of credibility....I can't speak for the HRBP prior to John Bogucki taking over the chair, but I do know from talking to John that the program was in a shambles towards the end of the DNR's time with it. There were people statewide waiting on their HRBP certificates from years past. There was a blue folder (have you heard of the infamous "Blue Folder", Joe?) that had dozens of submitted score sheets with "dust all over it". Awesome!!!!
    John is, like the remaining HRBP scorers, an unpaid, volunteer who sacrifices much of his time to make the program what it is. He also has a full time teaching job in South Bend, so he's really swamped with work 24/7. He, Joe Bacon, and the rest of the IDHA and HRBP deserve a Great Big ....................Thank YOU!!!!!!!!

    Without the dedication and work of the IDHA and HRBP, folks, this state would be even more stuck in the past. Keep fightin' the good fight JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We're paying "Big Buck$$" so could you produce us some BIG BUCKS???????????
  9. Fish Ain't Bitin'

    The fish aren't biting Scrapewatcher. Again....don't hold your breath!!!
  10. Good to see you back Dean. I saw where Mike Hanback mentioned you on his blog. Good job. ;)
  11. All I can say is we have the records as "current" as we are aware of. Yes John does it without pay, as do all the scorers.

    I have one of the few if any remaining 1988 Hoosier Record Books(the last produced by IDNR, 32 pages including the cover. The latest Edition 214 pages.

    Again, IDNR did not and may not today believe thye should advertise on the "quality" of Indiana's deer herd.

    We can leave that To our buddy Dean!!
  12. jb...even if the IDNR does not want to "advertise" the quality of deer Indiana doesn't mean they have to take away what has been started with the OBR. As stated earlier on this thread, be a reciprocal state and charge "them" what they charge "us"...the IDNR is only looking at the "possible" negative impacts of continuing the OBR or of moving the firearms season out of the rut...more "hand wringing" by the IDNR.
  13. And advertise I will....go to OUTDOORLIFE.COM and check out Mike Hanback's "Big Buck Zone" blog on the front page and check out his reaction to some of Indiana's 2005 bucks.

    P.S. Joe, I too have one of the 1988 record books (or should I say pamphlets!!) LMAO!!!! The HRBP has come a LLLLOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGG way since 1992-93 everyone. That's when people who really give a s*&t took it over.

    If you like the HRBP improvements...thank Joe, Dave, Kenny, Perry, (who am I forgetting Joe?) Basically thank the Indiana Deer Hunter's Association for having the pride to do something that our DNR wasn't willing to do any longer.

    My question is...Why do states like Iowa actually get excited about their trophy buck potential? I mean, their Dept. of Nat. Resources actually think it's cool that they produce all of those giants. If you don't believe me, go to the 2007 Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines and see for yourself. And, their DNR law enforcement folks are all about protecting it!! Why can't it be like that here in Indiana???