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  1. Here is a new one just learned from North American Whitetail Magazine...... Boone and Crockett will no longer accept a animal taken where a camera can be monitored by a computer or cell phone. This is because a hunter could move to intercept the deer while hunting. Also some States are outlawing the use of these units during the deer season.

    At what point will technology harm or change your deer hunting negatively?
  2. There is a fine line drawn with some of the modern stuff for sure. I'm glad B&C took a stand against those type of things. I wonder if they'll outlaw bucks taken with the new electric muzzleloaders?

  3. Fine line drawn...


    It is time for sportsmen to decide where the fine line is and make the "line in the sand".

    Indiana would not be the first in this, Colorado does not allow scopes on muzzleloaders during that season, Neither does Washington State. Washington also does not allow release aids for archery and has an arrow weight miimum. Mississippi has a rule rifle for muzzleloading must be black powder or a black powder substitute and be a rifle or replica of prior to 1900. They do allow scopes of any magnification,(for us old folks).

    We as sportsmen need to look at what our future will be and where tradition plays a part. High fence is one area and seems to be resolved. Online killing by web camera and rifle seems to be resolved.... now where do we go with what we use?
  4. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    The only rule we have for muzzleloaders is that they must be loaded from the muzzle. Just imagine if they come up with a gun that you can drop a 7MM shell down in and then lock it in would be legal in Indiana. And this smokeless powder, I dont think it should be legal either.

    This is how the rule book reads.....

    "Muzzleloading firearms must be .44 caliber
    or larger loaded with a single bullet of at least .357 caliber. Saboted bullets are allowed, provided the bullet is .357 caliber or larger. A muzzleloading firearm must be loaded from the muzzle. Multiple-barrel muzzleloading long guns are allowed."

    It says nothing about powder.

    I hunt with an Encore and love it. I would be willing to change our muzzleloading season to "primitives only" and hunt with my Encore during gun season.
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  5. I kind of agree with this move by B&C. I've read about these cameras that email you whenever a deer moves past, or send a signal to your cell phone. I don't have a problem with them from the stand point of ... I'm sitting in my office and a picture comes to me of a deer for my enjoyment. But it just doesn't seem right if that picture comes through and I jump up and say "gotta go!" and I'm off to chase down the deer. What is worse is the guy out hunting and his cell phone gets a signal or picture from his camera, then he's off in pursuit of the deer. Just doesn't seem fair if you ask me. I kind of like some element of surprise to my hunting.
  6. Lucky for us, a firearm of this type is a physical impossibility. There's no way for a loaded cartridge to be introduced down the bore of a rifle, since the bullet is the same diameter as the bore, and the brass case is even larger in diameter than the bullet.

    Joe, if you want something prohibited for hunting, you'll need to take action before it is allowed. As far as I know, all of the states that you mentioned banned those items before they were ever legal. Taking something away after it is legal is a heck of a lot harder than stopping something before it starts. I'm just saying if you oppose something for hunting, you need to get the ball rolling now.
  7. Technology is great 'til it step on your toes...... I agree w/ B&C also. All of the high tech stuff isn't that fun for me. As far as an e-mail goes........ that's nut's. How can that even be fun.....
  8. It would definitely have it's advantages. You wouldn't have to scent-up the area around your camera checking it for photos all the time, not to mention it would save you some walking. Also, if someone walked in front of it, noticed it, and decided to steal it, you'd have their photo e-mailed to you. ;)