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Boone & Crockett Bucks......

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I really enjoy my North American Whitetail magazine, the current issue had an article on choosing a guide. In the middle of the article was a section titled "a one buck rule helps", in the article it listed Kentucky and Ohio as examples and gave the following information.......Between 1998 and 2004

    Illinois #1 in B&C entries.........1 per 219.7 square miles

    Wisconsin #2 in B&C entries..........1 per 264.93 square miles

    Kentucky #3 in B&C entries..........1 per 283.7 square miles

    Ohio #4 in B&C entries..........1 per 327.5 square miles

    Dean get your B&C book out and do the math for Indiana.....
  2. I'm not good at math Joe, but I can tell you that the numbers are up. I just got a call tonight about a 215 0/8" Non-Typical shot down in Franklin County by a hunter from Ohio on opening day of firearms season. Tony Wright scored it officially just recently. I also know of a 200 plus bow buck from Tippecanoe shot by a teenager during archery. Steve "Evil" Kneble called me about that one around Christmas.

    In a month, or so, we'll have a better grasp on how many giants were shot in Indiana this past season. Anyone want to bet that we got a new record again this year?? Werstler??

    Joe, I'll be talking to John Bogucki soon. This should get the juices flowing and prep. us for the scoring that will take place in the next few months. See you in Indy....if I can get out of work that is.

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  4. I know my county topped the 160" typical mark for the first time last year and I have seen 2 bucks this year that will break that ones measurement. I'm pretty sure we finally broke the 170" barrier, but will find out in a few weeks.

    Hold onto your shorts, cause the drying time for opening weekend of firearms is coming up quick. I've already measured more bow kills than ever before (15) 6 of which made P&Y and 3 made HRB. I was trying to wish in a huge 6 point, but he netted 124 even.
  6. I believe one reason IN isn't up there in the rankings is a lot of guys don't officially score their deer.

    I know of 6 or 7 bucks that were scored above 160 but never registered. The guys just don't want people to know where they kill their bigguns'.

  7. The top two states are not one buck states.
  8. Indiana, in time, will be right up there with the other states. The firearms season(s) combined are too long and the primary firearms season is held during peak rut. You have to remember that prior to just recently, multiple bucks were allowed to be killed in conjunction with this firearms season structure. The combination of these has traditionally lead to the gross overharvest of bucks, and hence, the lack of mature buck production in any real numbers. Simply put, very few bucks were reaching thier full genetic potential because the majority of them were shot before their 2nd birthdays. Bucks aren't fully sexually mature until after their 4th birthdays. Only until after this age will they reach their true antler potential. When you only have so many of them reaching that age, it only stands to reason that very few will turn up in the record books. With the OBR, in conjunction with more does being harvested the overall deer density is being dropped in many areas of the state. We now have more older bucks in the herd than ever before, and the record books are proving this more and more every year.
    If Indiana keeps the long firearms seasons intact, then the One Buck Rule is vital to maintaining the mature buck production that has only recently been realized. There are still those who don't think the OBR is having any effect on the age structure of our bucks. Why?? Your guess is as good as mine. I invite anyone to come to the Indianapolis Deer and Turkey Expo and see it for yourself. Talk to any taxidermist statewide, or any scorer for the Hoosier Record Buck Program.
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  9. You're right about that......Illinois has a 7 day general firearms season; split into a 3 and 4 day season, and held after mid-November. Wisconsin has a 9 day general firearms season held at the end of November. This is precisely why both of these states produce so many giants: shortened firearms seasons (in conjunction with being held after peak rut...for the most part). Iowa and Kansas both have December firearms seasons; as does Ohio. Kentucky is most like Indiana in that it has a long firearms season held during the peak of the rut, but they've only recently become a "big buck state"...they started the OBR in 1989. Give Indiana some time....

    You'll notice in the data that Treehugger posted that the states of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky (namely) dominate the statistical categories. It is no coincidence why this is so. The common denominator is one, or more (or perhaps a combination) of 3 different reasons: 1) a post rut firearms season 2) a shortened firearms season held either in the late rut, or in post rut (i.e. Ohio) 3) a One Buck Rule.

    Ohio offers a little bit of everything...they offer an OBR, have a 6 day gun season that is held in December. Ohio's recent giant buck production should be a surprise to noone.
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  10. Here is one for you. You may be especially interested Dean, guess where it came from?

  11. Here are a few more stills from the video.


  12. Holy Mackeral Greendeem........ He come from Bellars place?
    Or is that JL's high fenced buck from his back yard?