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  1. what does everybody shot . i have a martin . 4 yrs 6 deer. what about you?
  2. i have two bows that i take hunting. one is an bear bow called the whitetail or whitetail slayer :confused: something like that. i haven't taken it deer hunting for several seasons now because i found the bow that fits me just right. the main bow that i take hunting is my browning, it is made out of wood laminated, doesn't have a draw weight that will break your arm, and it light as a feather. i take this bow both small game and big game hunting and i regularly shoot squirrels with it when i'm sitting on the deer stand and the deer hunting gets slow. buy the way it is a compound bow.

  3. I shoot a Diamond Undertaker. 2002 model. 8 1/8 brace height shoot 275 very quite.
  4. Mathews LX Trophy Ridge Drop zone and Dusk to Dawn sights, but lookin hard at BowTech Alliegience
  5. Mathews!!!!

    Hi Fellas..

    I shoot Mathews. I have been sponsored by them for about 5 or 6 years now and I am IMPRESSED with their products.

    I basically shoot a 65 lb. Mathews LX but I also have a Mathews Q2XL as a "back up" bow. I can switch from one bow to the other and not notice any significant change.

    I have been bowhunting since 1964 and I have been fortunate enough to harvest 103 whitetail deer while hunting in Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

    Bud Fields Pro-Staff
  6. I have two bows mathews Q2 and Switchback.Both with Spot-hogg sites,Shaky hunter drop away rest,Gold tip pro 22 arrows,Tranquilizer staibilizer,Mathews arrow web,And Muzzy 100.
  7. Bowtech Liberty. If that gives me troubles, I'll fall back on my Hoyt Stryker hanging in my hunting room.
  8. Martin Jaguar...light and small...and really sends those Muzzy 3-blade 100 gr. broadheads to the spot.
  9. Mathews

    I used to have two: MQ1 and a FX. I sold my MQ1 for more than I paid for it, but I still have my FX.

    Seriously looking to upgrade before the fall.
  10. PSE Vengeance here.


    Mean lookin', ain't it?!?
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  11. mathews conquest 2

    Mathews Conquest 2 purchased in 2001. Still drives tacks, with no problems ever. They don't sponsor me though, darn it. Someone on here is trying to corrupt me with the new Hoyt Trykon, though. That is one bad bow.

  12. I have a Oneida Eagle and a newer short speed bow(I cannot remember the brand ). I am not very tall and when I decided to turkey hunt with a bow the Oneida was too long to shoot from a sitting position. I prefer the Oneida...smoother and more forgiving...but I use the speed bow because of it's size. Yes, I got my turkey.