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Bow Fishing

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by QuailDancer, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Any bow fisherman out there? I just picked up a 2nd bow to use for shooting some carp. It was just a junk of those Hoyts, put a reel on it last night, rigged the arrow with the muzzy impail-a-scale head...I'm ready to go.

    Any tips? How to, where to...any help would be great.

  2. I knew that would get to you Dean...but it really is a junky Hoyt...I doubt you got yours for 50 bucks!!
  3. Flat john boats work best for bow fishing, but if you are really good then you can use a canoe. Its just like stalking anything else. If you are hunting creek beds and stuff like that while walking along the shore walk softly check the shallows and watch for flashes. Usually warm stagnant pools is where I find them the most. Its almost like they enjoy the sun, or maybe its just the plants and stuff that they feed off of while in there. Shallow warm water weed pockets is your best bet. Night time is a great time to do it too. Get yourself some flood lights hook them up to a car batter and mount them to your boat. It is so much fun youll have a blast once you get going. Good Luck.
  4. Geez fellas, it is all I can do to get them the conventional way!!!!!:biggrin:
  5. little turkey lake by stroh is an excellent carp shooting lake ,rig up car headlights on a conduit rack take 3 batterys go at night they are a lot less spooky & its not as hot its a ball ,have fun!!!!
  6. First attempt and lessons learned

    I took a break from the lab this morning, went to the Eel to stalk a few carp and try out my new Hoyt and bowfishing rig. Those hoyts aren't so bad, felt pretty nice, shot well...Dean may be onto something there.
    It's pretty cool watching the line run out after the shot, little akward reeling it back in, but I'm sure one would get used to it.
    When I set the rig up, had to remove the nock from the shaft to get the slip ring on the arrow. I screwed up getting the nock back on, it's now somewhere on the bottom of the Eel river.
    Lesson lost becouse birdbrain didn't bother to take a little replacement part kit with him.:bonk: Another nock, a drop of superglue, I'd still be out there.
  7. Quail did the bow work better than the rattle-trap? HA!
  8. Now Tuck, was that nice?
    Actually...they both seem to work the same...rrrrrrrrrr

    Shaft has a new nock now, ready to go out and try it again after dinner.
  9. Better evening.

    No fish to show for my efforts, but I did get a shot on one. Was juuuuuuuuuuust a wee bit under the fish.

    No equipment troubles, so that was nice. Did watch 5 carp, all longer than my arm cruising off a sandbar, they just wouldn't come into range.
  10. So close to closing the deal.

    I dropped by the Eel river again today. There's a nice sandbar that comes up from deeper water, the carp seem to cruise over it on a regular basis. I had 5 shot opprotunities in the first 20 minutes I was there. Over all I had 9 shots, some at fish longer than my arm, zero hits. I guess the good news is my misses are getting much smaller...only a matter of time now.
    The bowfishing is kind of addictive.
  11. Best advice for hitting those fish. Up close shots say under 5-7 yards aim the lower quarter of their body. 7-15 maybe 20 with your compound aim for their bottom fin or about 2 or 3 inches under their body. Remember that as soon as your arrow hits the water its gonna try to flatten out and resurface. (unless you are shooting straight down on the. But the further out you get the more your arrow is going to rise when you shoot. Good Luck.
  12. Sorry to interrupt the thread, but recurve you need to empty your pm folder!! You guys can go back to fishing deliverance style ala burt reynolds!!!!!!
  13. That was funny!
  14. I am looking for a huckleberry that resembles Ned Beatty!!!!!:mischeif: