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Bow for Sale!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. I've got a 1997 Martin Jaguar (2 Cam) bow for sale with arrows, rest, stabilizer, broadheads, quiver, etc. etc.. If anyone knows of someone that might be interested, let me know.
  2. Are you looking to trade or sell outright Deano? Draw length? Weight? etc. Pictures?

    I have a buddy that may be interested. Also, how much?

  3. Sell outright. I'll be busy this afternoon, but I'll post the necessities later on this afternoon. I also forgot to post that it has brand new limbs on it.
  4. Thanks Deano...what about specifics? Price...

    (Give me the "hunt with DEC in his fields" discount)
  5. DEC?? He's that Turkey guy...isn't he?
  6. 36" axle to axle; draw length ??? (don't remember right off on bow limb isn't readable any more..I think it's 30 though)
    Arrows are 29"; Super Lite 2213 in Realtree Advantage and Mossy Oak Breakup
    55-70# draw weight capable

    e-mail me Stallion at
  7. Anybody know anyone looking for a good used bow? It includes arrows, field tips, broadheads, sight, quiver, stabilizer...basically everything.
  8. I'm asking $200 for the whole set. The limbs are brand new as well.
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  9. Yeah,, get rid of that bow,, you need sometin that shoots steel 3"ers.. Then you'll be.......
  10. ...a crazy bird lunatic????:chicken: <<<<<
  11. Old one flecked on me...I have the old limb to show any prospective buyer that it didn't blow up. A tiny strip flecked off of the top limb while shooting it. It all happened the very night before bow season opened in 2003. It took me 3 weeks to get new limbs, all the way from Walla Walla, Washington. (Martin archery headquarters). I was lucky that they even had a pair of limbs available for it. The new pair of limbs cost me $80. They're brand spankin' new.

    I'll take a pic. of the old limb and post it so anyone can see it wasn't a biggy. I would'nt try to sell a bunk piece of equipment to anyone. That would be bogus.

    The reason I quit using that bow is because I upgraded to a Hoyt Ex Tec in early 2004. I kept my old Martin as a back up, but haven't used it since. It's just been sitting around my place for a few years. Someone should get some use out of it.
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