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Bow range

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by SureShot2010, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hey, Just wondering what some of u guys think i should set my bow sight for i only have 1 pin and i am 14 i pull back about 45 lb!!!:help: :help: :help:
  2. I would suggest twenty yards or less. Hopefully, you'll be able to shoot from zero to twenty with that one pin.

  3. hey sureshot!! i changed to a one pin sight this yr. i really don't like to take shots past 25 yards. it's just to iffy with the foilage. too much can go wrong. it's just a personel choice i made for myself. not to say anything else is the wrong way because it's not. find out at what yardage your bow shoots flat to and where it starts dropping. mine shoots flat to 20 yards before dropping. when you find your dropping point extend 5 yards and learn how much to adjust to that point and let that be your limit. example.... if you know a buck is 30 yards and he is unknowing of your presence if you hold back and not spook him you may get another chance at him. but if you spook him missing or a bad hit you probably won't get another chance at him in that spot. especially a mature buck. that's just an opinion coming from my own experience. it's all about confidence. never take a guess shot you owe it to the animal not to. if you hunt field or field edges you may extend that alittle bit if you practice, practice, practice. the key to success is preperation, and confidence and shot placement. spending time in the stand and having patience will bring you opportunities.
  4. I thought the lower two pins on my sight were just for decoration anyway...
  5. I use 1 vertical pin. I made the switch about this time last year and have regretted it at all. I have it dialed in at 25 yards and am good to about 35. Multiple pins just get in the way for me!
  6. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I thought i was the only one that couldnt stand having all those extra pins on my bow, my one pin setup is sighted in at 23 yards. I always aim for the heart so if it is right below my stand i have to aim about 2 inches low to get in the heart, if i forget to aim low then its going dead nuts into the lungs. if he is at 30 yards i just aim for the lungs and it goes a few inches low right into the heart. sounds crazy but it works for me and i never shoot over 30 yards. the most important thing i have found for killing deer with a bow is confidence, if you dont have it, your gonna miss.
  7. With my Mathews FeatherMax at 70lbs, I shoot one pin up to 25 yards. I have a second and third pin set, but those are pretty much just for practice and long distance competitions with my brother. Its amazing how simple a 15 yard shot feels after you shoot at 40-45 yards for a while - a great confidence builder that I would recommend to anyone. Though definitely not instinctive shooting by the pure definition, even the smallest pin at 45 yards obscures a lot of target and moves around a lot with the smallest waivering of any part of your body - you just feel it and know that you doing the right thing.