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  1. not sure if this thread will stick around or not, but i thought maybe people could just come to this thread whenever they shoot or buy a new bow, and give a little feedback about it.

    I know personally, i like reading info from people i know instead of a mag getting kick backs..haha

    to start it off...i shot the Fred Bear Truth last week. I might be the only one, but I was not impressed. The rollover at the end of the draw seemed quite extreme, and after the shot there was a very noticable vibration in the bow that was troubling to me.

    At the same time I shot the new private lable "Guide Series" bow that bowtech makes for gander. Blew the truth out of the water. Smoother, quieter, and that vibration was non-existant in the bowtech. Both were bare bows.

    Anyone else got anything to add...

  2. WHAT?:coco: :cheeky-sm
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    Funny that you mention that about the "truth" bow. My budy called me yesterday and was talking about that bow, he said the same thing about the rollover on the cam and the hand shock, he settled for a diamond bow, cant remember what model, but said for the price it was quiet, drew smooth and had no hand shock.
  4. Buy a Mathews ... :biggrin:

    Actually, buy whatever feels best and fits your price range.

    Pretty much all the bows out there today are awesome and it comes down to personal preference, fit, and budget.

    I've shot many of the top end bows and many of the mid grade bows. For the most part hey all shoot great. Some don't feel great to me, but that isn't to say they don't fit someone else's shooting style perfectly. I've shot some true lemons before too. In recent months it was a Guardian. No way Bowtech would purposely make such a P.O.S., so I know the one I shot had to be a lemon ... it truly was a bad experience like no other.

    I've shot the new Hoyts. They rock. Nice shooting, fast, quiet. I just am not a fan of the look and feel, again personal preference.

    I love the Ross bows, but they just are not fast enough, even with the new Cardiac.

    I truly love my Mathews Switchback XT, but the grip had to go in the trash before I could shoot it much. Much better with a torqueless grip.

    I loved my Diamonds when they were Diamonds (not the Bowtech Diamonds). Nothing shot better, and I still wish I'd never sold them.

    A lot of good bows out there for sure.
  5. PSE X-Force

    PSE X-Force Review by Fuzzy

    I was in Kokomo awhile back and had a chance to shoot a 70#'er and a 60#'er.
    Honestly, for a PSE, I was IMPRESSED! It didn't have enough handshock to feel and VERY quiet, I mean dead quiet! SPEEEDY lil booger too!
    With my 28" Draw 70#'er shot 333 FPS and the 60#'er shot 326 FPS.
    Overall I would get a 60# one if in the market. Those cams have a serious roll over and at 70#, when they go, THEY GO! The short brace height has a bit to do with that too.
    They look freaky as heck at full draw, the limbs go BEYOND Paralell!
    I would definately recommend one to anyone!
  6. So, I asked on another page but the discussion seems to have moved to here. Somebody tell me about an Alpine (frontier) . It was suggested to me for a "Starter" bow.

    Thanks in advance
  7. Never shot an Alpine. I remember years ago, they were all the rage, and then I heard about a lot of guys having problems with them. The Frontier is a nice-looking bow with a very forgiving brace height and pivoting limb pockets. The grip looks narrow but comfortable. The price I found on the website is $314.74. I would shoot some comparably-priced bows before I went with the Alpine. There are some dandies out there for that price. Shoot it, and if it feels better than others, buy it!
  8. I got a quote of $399 with a sight, a quiver, and set up. All but arrows and a release. Felt OK to me but I have nothing to compare it to. I will look around so. Trying to get to Lonesome Elk Archery.
  9. I'll throw this out here again...I shoot a Martin Jaguar. I've had it going on my 4th year this hunting season. I've killed 4 or 5 deer with it so far, 2 bucks for sure and 2 or 3 does. My biggest bodied buck (210 field dressed) was taken with this bow last season. It's not a high end spend bow and not the high end techy bow. However, it is small and lightweight and fit my budget at the time I bought it. I am going to upgrade the sights on it for the upcoming hunting season and that will be about it. I plan to shoot this bow indefinitely since it works well for me. I purchased this bow at Lonesome Elk Archery and got it for a very good price.
  10. I bought a Hoyt Vectrix this past winter. I shot both the Mathews and the Hoyt. The Vectrix just seemed like it fit me better. It was a little bit quieter and felt better in my hand. Both bows were set up the same. I thought I'd be going with the Mathews, but that Vectrix is nice.
  11. Spend some time in shops looking. $399 today buys more bow than what you could have bought top of the line 5 years ago.

    Look into some of the Missions, Diamonds, Bears, PSE's, Parkers, etc. A lot of good bows out there for under $500 any more.
  12. Like I said, shoot a bunch of bows. When you have shot a lot of different bows, you'll eventually come to the "right" one. That's what I did with my new bow in 2005. Shot a bunch of bows, and then shot my PSE and said, "yep, that's the one." You'll know when that one just feels right.
  13. Shooting a properly tuned bow with the correct form should and will make any bow "The Most Accurate" bow out there regardless of the fancy nameplate.IMHO. Buy one thats fits you and you should do fine, the deer don't care. I agree with Dec's post.
  14. In the last months and a half I shot 20+ bows...... you name it- I shot it. Of course I was omn the market for a new one. I shot evry thing but a Ross, and have had a lot friends talk highly of them. Expect them to come to the front in a year or two. derek, as far as the Guardian goes..... you had to be shooting a lemon. It was actually one of the final two I picked. Love the Hoyt Vulcan (hand shock) and the Vectrix. Just not for me. Bowtech's Tribute is almost as sweet as my Switchback XT, but I have a friend with one........ couldn't be like him. Mission - made by Matthews makes an excellent product. All 3 of the bows are nice, but I wouldn't spend the extra money for the 5 when the 3 has the exact same parts...... The fastest I shot was a Black Mamba 2, but once again not my cup of tea. At 350+ f.p.s. it was definitely a rocket, but needs a few years. I also shot the matthews Drenalin, it's a very nice bow but didn't care for the feel. Pretty much, any bow is a good bow these days. It's all about feel. I was not a Matthews fan until the Day before I bought my bow. I shot the Vectrix, Drenalin, Guardian, Vulcan, Switchback XT, side by side - with my eyes closed as to not pay attention to which bow I was shooting. With a glove on (to help with keeping a level playing field). Wouldn't you know...... I walked out with a Switchback XT. Don't listen to me though - go shoot 'em yourself!